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What is cellulite and why it appears?

Summer - it's time to short shorts and skirts, and,Of course, a bikini. But what about this quite ugly "orange peel" on the feet. After all, we all want to look as slim and toned, and it is unpleasant misunderstanding we spoil the whole look.

And before we'll start figuring out how to get rid of this horror on his feet, let's find out what leads to its emergence.

At the moment, the majority of doctors argues that the emergence of such a skin can have two reasons:


Diseases of internal organs, leading to obesity and as a result, the appearance of cellulite.

But this list is very generalized,because the reason for the appearance of cellulite can be both stressful and low levels of physical culture, and much more. As you can see, the appearance of orange peel - it is quite natural consequence of our way of life with you. After all, if you exercise regularly and eat properly, then the probability of the appearance of cellulite is almost zero.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Today, almost every self-respectingcosmetics company offers to our attention the enormous amount of resources to combat this problem. But among all this splendor on the shelves, it is very easy to get lost. What functions are performed by one or another means and what better to choose?

The first way to get rid of orangescabs on his legs are considered scrubs, peels and special anti-cellulite massages. Let's start with the massages! The method is quite effective, but bad because kneading cellulite quite painful.

Often such massage can result in evenbruises, but that is only if you have very sensitive skin. But scrubs and peels itself quite ineffective. But if you use them during the preparations for the anti-cellulite massage or wrap, the result will not take long.

By the way, cellulite body wrap is the secondway to get rid of orange peel. Of course, you can go to a beauty salon and keep it quite a tidy sum, but such a procedure is quite easy to make at home.

To do this you need:

  • Food polyethylene film, the broader the better;
  • Any means for wrapping. And you can buy it, or you can do it yourself, and;
  • Body Scrub;
  • Wool blanket or a shawl.

First, the skin should be cleaned with a scrub ormeans for peeling. Then comes a little to massage problem areas in order to increase blood flow to problem areas. After that, well cooked smudge tool to wrap and wrap the plastic wrap on top.

Attention! Do not get too much drag his feet, because as you just block the blood supply to your legs, and that no good end can not. The total duration of the procedure shall not exceed forty minutes.

Then you need to gently wash away the vehicle with warm water and a little lie down. Repeat such a procedure is not more than once every two days. A total number of sessions does not exceed twelve treatments.

We have such a procedure and contraindications. For example, strictly forbidden to do wrap pregnant women and those who suffer from varicose veins. Not worth the risk, and the presence of disease in the kidneys and liver.

So, it looks like the whole procedure, we have already learned, let's find out what are the means for wrapping, we can cook at home.

Acetic cellulite wrap

In order to get rid of orange peel using vinegar, you do not need to come up with something special.

To do this you will need:

  • Apple cider vinegar, with dilution with water at a ratio of 1: 3;
  • The long narrow pieces of linen fabric, suitable even sheet;
  • A decoction of chamomile flowers.

Linen fabrics need to thoroughly moisten the dilution vinegar, and wound on the problem areas. The legs are wrapped up to the moment when the fabric is dry naturally.

Then, the strip must be carefully removed from the skin,then be sure legs are rinsed under warm water. To avoid irritation, because vinegar is still a little dries the skin can lubricate the legs decoction of chamomile. Repeat this procedure worth fifteen times, but not more often than once every two days.

Wrapping with clay cellulite

More women have long used clay forto care for their skin. Some recipes have been preserved to the present times. For example, wrap with this wonderful natural component not only helps get rid of cellulite, but also restores blood circulation and has a fairly strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Getting rid of cellulite with the help of clayIt is due to the fact that in the course of each procedure is derived from the organism gradually excess water. That is, it decreases edema that causes the alignment of the upper layer of the skin.

Before embarking on clay body wrap you will need to carefully prepare the skin. To do this, you can visit the bath or sauna. Or you can just lie back in the bath. The main thing is that the water was hot.

After all of the pores will unfold as possible,you need to rub the skin clean washcloth or scrub it. All movements should be circular and very neat, because we need to remove the already dead pieces of skin, not to pull out the ones that are still in good health.

After all these preparations must be appliedDiluted with water the clay to the skin, wrap the foil on top and leave about half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly with a mixture of warm water and rub the skin hard with a towel. you can apply a little anti-cellulite cream and to massage the problem areas for greater efficiency.

Anti-cellulite body wraps with honey

Honey wrap - is another gift to allwomen. In fact, after a few treatments with honey, not only reduces cellulite, and skin becomes smooth and silky. Another advantage of this procedure is that in contrast to the clay and vinegar, honey still and prevents the formation of new swellings, which sooner or later will become orange peel.

And during the procedure itself you will absolutely notyou need to warm up. On the contrary, it is best not to use blankets or shawls. Just apply a small amount of honey on steaming skin after a bath, and leave for forty minutes.

Another problem - it's a wash mixture. After honey stick to hands, which means that the usual water it is necessary to wash off a very long time. But it is necessary to think about the positive side of this process: as long as you wash away all the honey, you imagine more and do anti-cellulite massage.

And another little secret! If you decide to do it with honey wrap, then it should be applied in the following way: take a little honey and spread it on all hands. Then lubricate the problem area, press the palm of your hand to the skin and when they will stick well, they tear off sharply. The feeling, of course, not a pleasant one, but the result after such a procedure will not take long.

As you can see, to get rid of orange peel can be. And homemade cellulite body wrap, better than nothing, than the cabin. Just on it you need a little more time and patience. But if you're determined to use these methods against cellulite, the result will not take long!

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