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What is cellulite and how to fight it

Summer! Most of all enjoy this time of year girl with a good figure, who worked on a whole year, and does not hesitate to show the beautiful body. Would you like to be among these girls? I think yes. The main problem, even a very slender girls is cellulite, which treacherously sticking out from under a thin dress.

What is cellulite?

Under cellulite understand the uneven distribution of adipose tissue, impaired microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

There are the following stages of the development of cellulite:

Stagnation of fluid;

Thickening and hardening of collagen fibers, the skin becomes less elastic;

The formation of "orange peel";

The number of nodules increases, peel becomes more noticeable.


Naturally, the appearance of cellulite contributes to many causes. After all, just because he did not appear. Consider these reasons

The main reason for its appearance islack of proper nutrition. You can afford to eat fried, buns, drink it all soda, and go quietly to sleep? Then do not be surprised your sides sagging and orange peel to the pope.

You might think that there are girls whoeat everything and do not get better, go with a perfect figure. But there are none! These may be very young girls before marriage. Only they do eat a piece of cake, go to sleep and wake up without consequences. And that is not all unmarried girls so lucky.

But after the appearance of the child, if we exclude thegym, exercise for cellulite and nutrition, the "orange peel" in the field of priests is practically guaranteed. If there is no room at the time, engaged in the house and eat well.

The second reason - your favorite diet that you follow three days, do not eat anything, and then quit and load up the loss of pulse! It's a lot of stress to your internal organs.

First accustomed to large amounts of foodauthorities essentially loses its calories, and as soon as they get used to smaller diet, you upload them under the old scheme. So with a favorite can not do that!

Lose weight gradually, as well as polnela. Polnela you are not in one day, and that's to lose weight quickly will not work. Choose a diet such that you do not overpower, and throw in a few days.

Bad habits such as smoking and drinkingalcoholic beverages, also adversely affects your beauty. You just take it personally that takes your attractiveness, changes the color of your skin and teeth. Do not be surprised then that the result of such a disregard for self - evident. And the pope.

How to get rid

To fight is necessary in three ways, using them at the same time:

Proper nutrition. Anywhere you will not escape from it. Get started to eat right, it's not as difficult as it seems. Besides, it will not only get rid of cellulite, having a good tightened figure, but also preserve the health of your body. Drink plenty of water. It is better to accustom themselves to green tea, which helps digestion and good metabolism;

Anti-cellulite massage. Massage can be done in beauty salons and at home. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of anti-cellulite creams, scrubs, salts, ointments, masks. Pick your skin type tool and start using it regularly. It is also necessary to buy brushes and sponges massage paved. In addition to massage using massage creams and brushes, you must constantly skrabirovat body. When taking a shower, take a washcloth with a hard surface and scrub, scrub, apply to problem areas and rub in a circular motion. This will help get rid of the irregularities and the skin will become very smooth and soft. You can also rub the different oils in the skin and perform a circular motion of a special device, sold in any drugstore. Massage and exercise will not only save from cellulite on the legs, but also will make you slimmer. In addition, it is a very pleasant experience, which can connect the second half. Take hot baths often, and after the steam the skin, begin to massage intensely;

Exercises for cellulite. Without this method, usefulness of the first two methodsminimized. Proper nutrition will not only add to the existing irregularities, but to destroy the existing problems can not. Massage allows you to get rid of the irregularities, but this method is not as effective as exercise for cellulite.


Training is designed to combatirregularities can be practiced every day or every other day, but not less. It begins with a warm-up exercise, as usual. We offer a simple warm-up feet, knees, shoulders and legs. Do not be redundant and jogging with jumping for 20 minutes without a break in the fresh air. Of course, if the weather allows.

Next, consider the exercises for problem areas, namely cellulite on the legs and on the priest.

Also effective exercise of cellulite on the thighs:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Tighten your abs and buttocks. Move your hips forward as you exhale, inhale on the back. Repeat 50 times.
  • Legs on the width of shoulders. Tighten your abs and buttocks, bend your knees slightly. Raise the right thigh, straighten your right leg, then similarly to the left thigh. Repeat 50 times.
  • Next, we perform a circular movement of the hips, with a focus on all four sides. Change direction. First, turn the hips to the right, then to the left. Repeat 50 times.
  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width. Perform squats, so that your knees do not extend beyond the socks, and lower the buttocks are not below the knees. Tighten your abs. Repeat 30 times.
  • Similar to the previous exercise. The difference is that after 10 sit-ups, you need to stay in crouching state for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times for 10.
  • Feet shoulder width apart. Hands on the belt. Raise legs straight tight side. Right leg to the right, left - to the left. Repeat 15 times on each leg. Do not touch the floor, not in a hurry. You can slightly bend the leg, which is the mainstay.


Separately, we consider a set of exercises for cellulite on the stomach:

  • Feet shoulder width apart on the set. Follow leaned forward at an angle of 90 degrees, with a good pull on the hands, stretching the lateral abdominal muscles. Repeat 30 times.
  • Lower the torso forward, as in the previous exercise. A hands follow the movement of the swimmer. Repeat 30 times.
  • Feet shoulder width apart, slightly bent. Raise your hands and lower the strength of their crotch. Reach as far as possible. Perform 30 times.

Complete training jogging or jumping, or both that and another. Follow for 20 minutes.

Training is effective and simple, it is easy to remember. You can learn it, and do while watching TV, or in between cooking, laundry, cleaning.

Training does not require great strength and a lot of time, but the taut legs and firm buttocks - you are guaranteed!

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