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What foods cause acne

Dermatologists and nutritionists for several yearsdiscuss the relationship between the appearance of acne (acne) in adults and presence in the diet of milk. Hollywood dermatologist Nigma Talib, trusted their faces Kate Bosworth and Olivia Munn, he argues that the relationship really is.

From what appears acne products

Moreover, she released a book in whichconditionally divided the different skin problems for some types of "dairy face", "celiac person", "wine person" and "sugar-face." Talib sure: removing from the diet of a group of certain products (sugar, alcohol, dairy products), you can change the skin beyond recognition, in the best sense of the expression, of course.


Why milk causes acne

Deystvitelno, studies have shown that hormonescontained in milk and especially in skim milk, provoke acne on his face. A study at Harvard University public health, are striking: 44% of the 47,000 women who regularly consume low-fat milk, observe the appearance of pimples and acne! At the same time, the rejection of the milk for a month drastically changes the state of their skin - the number of lesions is reduced by half.


In general, to drink or not to drink - a personal questioneveryone, but one should bear in mind certain: to monitor the reaction of the organism to certain foods should always be! We never know which hormone or preservative added to secure the waist, but unsafe for skin skim latte.

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