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Wedding make-up. What is important in the summer of 2017?


the bride's face is an important part of allimage. It must be the center of attention throughout the day, and consequently make-up should emphasize its beauty. 2017 Wedding make-up should be natural and attractive, as well as the harmonious combination of these two qualities.

Tips for wedding makeup

Regardless of the fashion trends, every womanshould choose the color cosmetics and skin tone. skin color and hair is an important component when choosing a wedding makeup. However, it should not only make the face look more beautiful, but also in harmony with the dress, wedding hairstyles, accessories and wedding manicure.


Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes are characterized by depth andexpressiveness, so they are well suited for classical types of makeup. Black eyeliner, lipstick and mascara suitable will be an excellent solution for beautiful ladies with brown eyes. The perfect shade of eye shadow is opaline or coral; you can experiment with the other, except for the orange and pink flowers (they visually blur the eyes).




Photography makeup for brown eyes

Wedding make-up for green eyes

several colors can be selected for green eyesShadows: purple, gold, purple, bronze, blue. If you want a fashionable make-up in bright colors, make sure that it matches your outfit. Basic cosmetics, including shadows, must be selected considering color. Lipstick should ideally be light colored.

Note: bright blue and green colors will be deprived of the depth of the eye.




Wedding Makeup for blue eyes

Owners of such beautiful eyesreally worth to focus their attention on them. The delicacy and refinement - the main indicators in the selection of makeup. To emphasize its natural beauty, look for pink and purple colors.

In order to impart depth and expressionblue eyes, use shades of purple, green and indigo. Bride with blue eyes should avoid the use of black eyeliner. Instead, we recommend that brown or gray. As for the lips, choose a lipstick coral or peach shades.


Wedding makeup for gray eyes

Gray eye color is neutral and it can go any color palette. If you have gray eyes, you can feel free to experiment, based on their taste.




Wedding makeup for blondes (Photos)

Thanks to a bright shade of hair, blondes mayto create a more sophisticated image for this wonderful event. Perfect color eye shadow will be those that match the skin tone, mainly grays and skin tones. Lips can emphasize lipstick pink or coral color. Owners of light hair should not be afraid to experiment with bright and saturated colors.


Wedding makeup for brunettes (photo)

Brunettes should pay attention to dark andwarm colors. Lipstick must be selected according to color, there are no restrictions. Eyeshadow perfectly accentuate your hair, especially if they are dark purple, green or blue color of warm, but no vulgar colors.




Natural Wedding make-up

In 2017, the main trend of wedding makeup anddress is natural. Therefore, the best will be the make-up, in which you will look natural. Although it seems that just look natural, this will need to use a lot of cosmetic products:

  • The basic cosmetics that makes skin perfect.
  • Eye shadow, mascara.
  • Blush, powder.
  • Pomade.
  • Eyebrow pencil.

The basic rule that should be observed -is the use of light shades of cosmetics and its ability to exactly lie on the face, emphasizing the natural color of the skin. We recommend that you apply natural make-up with the help of a professional makeup artist, to ensure the proper use of cosmetics. This makeup is ideal for the summer season.



Smoky eye makeup wedding

This evening make-up became mandatorywedding make-up component. Brown eye shadow should not be used on all eyelid, they should be concentrated in the corners. The line should be thin, and the expressiveness of the eyes achieved at the expense of false eyelashes and mascara volume. There is no need to focus on the lips, so a good solution would be the use of pale colors.

The bride should pay attention to the make-up of brown and gold tones, you can also use glitter.


Bright wedding makeup and lips

Brides who want to add to your image biggercolors, we recommend using bright lipstick - one of the major trends in 2017. Bright colors will suit any woman, but a particular shade should be chosen individually according to skin tone, while avoiding "toxic" and the classic colors of red, which can make the bride look vulgar.




Professional advice on wedding makeup

Here are some tips on wedding make-up in 2017:

  • To avoid excessive brightness of lipstick on the lips, lightly wipe them with a cloth or your fingers.
  • Currently popular wine shades. If you want to make lipstick last longer on the lips, use a lip pencil first, throughout their length. Do you prefer matte lip? Only use a pencil for the lips, but be sure to moisten the lips before applying.
  • Bride to be careful with consumptionfatty foods in your wedding day, as it is likely to capture with her lipstick to the lips. In any case, keep your lipstick with you to rectify the situation, if necessary.

Bride - is the embodiment of beauty, elegance and sophistication. Wedding make-up, if applied correctly, will help to strengthen this image.

Which of the modern trends you like most? Share your ideas in the comments wedding makeup.

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