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Wealth Dead Sea: anti-aging treatments and recipes

Dead Sea - it is truly unique with a pondhigh concentration of minerals. There is practically no living (excluding the number of bacteria). Water from the high density holds human on the surface, preventing it from sinking.


The Dead Sea is famous all over the world curative mud, which are rich in minerals, as well as a high content of iodine and hormone-like substances.

The properties of therapeutic muds

The first mention about the healing properties of the DeadSea are mentioned in the Bible. Cleopatra applied the Dead Sea mud to maintain its beauty and youth. Moreover known facts at the time of creation of cosmetic products based on Dead Sea mud. Today, more than a century ago, the Dead Sea mud are used to create the anti-aging cosmetic products and carrying out of treatments. The Dead Sea has become a famous health resort, which arrives for the rehabilitation of many tourists each year. Also in the world a huge popular cosmetics based on the Dead Sea mud and minerals.

Bath with sea salt has a relaxing andsoothingly. Cosmetics based muds improves metabolism, promotes skin renewal, good heals wounds, and various inflammations. Numerous studies and the growing popularity of spas Israel confirm the exceptional therapeutic effect and the benefits of the Dead Sea.

The main treatments using Dead Sea gifts

  • Wellness bath salt

Act: treatment and prevention of various skin diseases. It may be allergic, teenage acne and even psoriasis. Besides bath with Dead Sea salt has a great calming effect. Recommended treatment time of 15-25 minutes. To consolidate the therapeutic effect it is recommended a course of ten treatments. Useful bath and to increase blood circulation, and thus they contribute to the treatment of rheumatic fever and chills.

Before the adoption of this procedure is better to consult a doctor to determine the presence of contraindications!

  • The famous Cleopatra bath

Action: anti-aging effect. Bath based on honey and milk wagging beneficial to the skin. Your skin returns erstwhile softness and tenderness.

Honey should melt in hot milk. The resulting mixture is added to a dip in the warm bath. After the procedure, it is recommended to rub into the skin, premix based on sea salt (200 grams) and half a cup of cream. Remains rinse with warm water.

  • The salt rubdown

Act: It improves blood circulation of skin, improves skin tone. For the procedure, you will need to cook a warm saline solution (200 grams salt from the Dead Sea to 10 liters of water). For medicinal effect necessary for 15 minutes sponge oneself brine with a soft sponge.

  • Body wrap with warm Dead Sea mud

Effects: increased skin elasticity, anti-cellulite effect, reduction of stretch marks.

For the procedure, you will needan impressive amount of Dead Sea mud (0.5 kg). mud temperature should not exceed 40 ° C. Heat dirt better in a water bath. After heating to cause mud weight body sufficiently thickly. Then turn the film. To improve the effectiveness of the procedure is better to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and bathrobe. After the mud to cool completely, and much of it is absorbed into the skin, balances must be washed by a warm shower. At the end of the procedure applied to the body of cellulite or the usual moisturizer.

  • Mud mask

Act: rejuvenation of the face and body skin, combating the increased fat content of the skin. There are many ready-made masks based on Dead Sea mud. For self-catering mask using a powder based on Dead Sea mud. It should be diluted in warm water, stirring carefully to avoid lumps remained, which can scratch the delicate skin of the face.

To enhance the cosmetic effect in the resulting mixture can be added a number of components:

  • Oil of sea buckthorn (getting rid of acne)
  • warm natural milk (moisturizes and softens the skin)
  • camomile tea as a liquid for the preparation of the composition of the mud (eliminates oily skin shine)
  • Essential oils 5-8 drops (tonic and sedative effect)
  • olive oil 1-2 teaspoons (intensive nourishment of dry skin).


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