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Useful properties of the mask with aloe hair: features. Methods of Use aloe for hair - only effective recipes

Aloe is a versatile plant with healinga mass of useful properties. With home grown aloe can ensure not only the availability of drugs for many ailments, but also a great means to restore the beauty of hair. Through forming part of the plant vitamins, nutrients and minerals mask with aloe hair can make hair strong, vibrant, silky and healthy.

The chemical composition and quality of valuable home aloe hair

Highly appreciated the beneficial properties of aloe in medicine, cosmetics, home care. And due to their presence rich in vitamins and trace elements composition. It includes:


• Vitamin C - prevents hair loss;

• allantoin - a substance that penetrates deep into the skin cells and participates in the transport of nutrients;

• mineral salts;

• catechine;

• amino;

• tannin - contribute to the strengthening of the hair follicles;

• Vitamins E and B complex;

• Vitamin A - improves the hair structure, reduces their fragility and the cross section;

• enzymes;

• flavonoids;

• carbohydrates;

• glycosides;

• salts.

Most of the elements acting in a complex, can recover and accelerate the growth of hair.

Aloe acts as a powerful antioxidant that can have a rejuvenating effect on the scalp.

In the home and professional recipes using this component plants as its juice. Carries aloe hair a favor:

1. Supports the active growth promoters, maintain a normal state of health and the head of hair, and has a calming effect on sensitive skin of the head.

2. It is able to restore the damaged hair structure, making them natural elasticity, remove excess fat, the problem of dandruff.

3. Masks on the basis of aloe is an excellent and affordable means of home hair care, hair loss, and eliminates breakage.

Extraction and preparation of aloe hair at home

To agave juice was the best assistanthair care products, it is necessary to produce and prepare it for the "biological stimulation of" a certain scheme. To do this, cut a few of the lower leaves of the plant, carefully rinse them under the purified water, dried, wrapped in paper and placed in a refrigerator for 1 week. Then you need to see all the leaves on the presence of damaged, separated from their thorns, and put it in a blender to grind. Granulating slurry in the leaves can be any convenient manner, as long as they gave juice. Squeezed through cheesecloth all elixir in a glass container, you can start to use the tool. In such a juice as possible and stored in the refrigerator.


It is very important in the whole processing procedure of aloe juiceHair cold, as it increases the healing quality of the drink. During freezing the unique structure of the leaves is rebuilt on the production of bio-stimulators, substances that accelerate the flow of metabolic processes at the cellular level and promote rapid tissue regeneration and healing of injuries.

It does not matter if you can not ownaloe juice to prepare because of the absence of such a plant in the building or other causes. It can be easily replaced by the finished product, which is sold in pharmacies, but still the quality and set of useful substances inferior to natural drinks. But, as an ingredient masks, used everything he could.

There is an option to use agave juice in its pure form, it is suitable for all hair types. Results of regular procedures appear as follows:

• attain normal hair silky, shiny, become more obedient;

• Dry hair gets maximum moisture and come to life before our eyes;

• oily hair cease to defile himself too often due to the normalization of the sebaceous glands subcutaneous.

Aloe juice should be applied massagefirst in the scalp, and after that all the hair. Hold the hair recovery session need a few hours before washing the hair, is optimal for 2-3 hours. The tool will also help to quickly get rid of dandruff.

Unique recipes mask with aloe for hair

Pure aloe juice is compatible with any type ofhair. Therein lies its universality, as a miracle elixir capable of eliminating any problem with hair. And when properly combined with additional ingredients can get even more benefits to the hair of the component agave. Several effective prescription masks home.


Salvation for weakened and dried hair

such ingredients are needed for the rehabilitation of her hair and the return of vitality:

• Castor oil;

• honey;

• aloe juice.

All ingredients should be mixed in the samequantities, for medium length hair is enough for 1 st. l. each. First you need to warm up the oil in a water bath and add the honey. The final mixture is sent to the juice of the plant. Must be applied to the entire length of the hair about 50-60 minutes. Regularity of treatments 3 times per week. Perform they need to until not begin to appear noticeable changes in the structure of the hair better.

Eliminating fat

With the ability to adjust the aloe juicethe production of fat and improve blood circulation processes, this product is able to solve the problem of oily hair. On the basis of the extract of the plant can prepare a tincture To hair. To do this, you need to chop the leaves, send them in a dark glass container and pour 100 grams. vodka. This combination should be insisted for weeks in a dark place. The tool is ready - it can be used in pure form for rubbing in roots or as a component of other health Hair masks.

Another effective option to subdue the activity of sebaceous glands - use a mask of aloe juice, brandy and lemon juice.

Stimulation of hair growth

It closes with a mask on the basis of Aloe to stimulateHair growth can stand not every other finished or cooked own means. To create an effective tool you need to prepare a tincture of nettles. The course goes 3 tbsp. l. tinctures. Also required:

• yolk;

• 1 tbsp. l. aloe;

• 1 hour. L. castor oil;

• 1 small clove of garlic.

Garlic should be carefully ground beforeadding to the weight of finished. Apply this mask on your hair you need 30 minutes, to warm them in the process. In order not to remain after the procedure peculiar smell on the hair may need to wash the head several times with shampoo.


Removing skin problems

The reason for the weakness and dimness of hair, as well as theirunattractiveness may be a problem with the skin of the head. The most common problem with the scalp it is peeling or dandruff. Mask of the agave juice is able to solve the problem of peeling.

We need these ingredients:

• aloe juice 2 tbsp. l .;

• 2 hours honey. L .;

• lemon juice 1 tbsp. l .;

• castor oil 1 hour. L.

After thorough rubbing and waiting 40 minutes the mask can be washed off. can be used to improve the efficiency of this decoction of chamomile, nettle, sage.

Giving hair force

To strengthen the hair, you can use this recipe:

• onion extract mixed with aloe juice;

• add a teaspoon of almond, burdock or other oil, the same amount of honey;

• The last ingredient - a decoction of burdock, a few tablespoons.


Wearing a mask on your hair should be at leasthours, and with the head, and the hair should be warm. To quickly get rid of the onion smell, which usually tends to persist for long hair, shampoo is enough to drip in a small amount of vinegar.

loss Prevention

In order to stop the process of hair lossHair, you can try to put a mask with aloe and mustard. But the use of such masks can only people with normal to oily hair type. For dry hair this mask is not only ineffective but also harmful, because the skin dry mustard.

The convenient containers to mix 1 tbsp. l. Aloe (juice), brandy or rum, mustard and egg yolks 1-2. Stir the mass should be applied only on the roots of the hair for 30 minutes.

Another option is the therapeutic agent from falling out - a combination of egg yolks and aloe juice, mustard and cream. Pre yolks need a good shake up. Wearing a mask is enough for the roots of the hair for 20 minutes.

Methods of application of home aloe hair - options for all occasions

Use for cosmetic purposes elixir aloe hair can not only as masks ingredient. From it you can cook a lot of other useful resources:

1. Shampoo - is able to eliminate dandruff and combat hair dryness, promotes active regeneration of the skin. It is prepared from scraps of soap, glycerine, cosmetic jojoba oil, rich in vitamins, water and boiled agave juice. Mix all the ingredients you need in equal proportions. With regular use, you can solve the problem of slow hair growth.

2. Rinse - Add enough water to the juice of agave, to strengthen the roots of the hair, remove dandruff, relieve inflammation.

3. Hair Gel. Cooking your own vehicle do not need to add enough juice in the finished product plants, as well as a decoction of nettle and pectin for silkiness and shine.

4. Air conditioning - you will need half a lemon, any ether and the elixir of aloe leaves. To solve such problems: oiliness, dandruff, and even excessive dryness of hair.

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