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Tricks face contouring

How to change the shape of the face only with the help of makeup? This question was repeatedly asked by women who want to make their features sleeker nose - thinner lips - voluminous, eyes - more. Makeup can not only decorate, it can become a real sculptor.

How to make facial contouring

To begin, prepare the face for makeup application. After mild cleansing and moisturizing, apply a base, preferably stable. It aligns the tone and skin texture, help creams and all the facilities necessary for the correction of facial contours, it is better to go to bed and stay longer. For sculpting shapes of eyes and eyebrows, apply a base under the shadow - it will absorb fat and moisture, allocated for centuries.


Determine your type of person

with a rectangular face shape is longer than the width of a forehead and jaw about the same, chin pointed;

oval face shape implies a rounded chin, forehead width slightly greater than the width of the lower jaw;

with diamond-shape the widest part of a woman's face - it's cheekbones. Chin and hair growth line of conical shape;

round face suggests that its height and width are almost identical, and the chin has a smooth rounded shape;

with square face width and height are equal, but the chin and hair growth line is broad and sharp;

trapezoidal shape suggests a pointed hairline and wide jaw.

Determine whether you want your eyebrows and eyesadditional sculpting, it is possible, by measuring the distance between the inner edge of the eye and the length of the eye. If the first distance is equal to the second, then your eyes are ideally located and will not need correction. If the distance less - then your eyes are planted close more - widely.

High-quality cosmetics and professional make-up secrets to help you perform visual sculpting without the intervention of surgical instruments.


How to change the facial features? Will help you blush, foundation, concealer, powder and highlighter. The main rule - dark colors visually reduce, specialize, and light colors cosmetics optically expand and increase the areas for which they are applied.

Contouring by face shape

The ideal that does not require sculpting,considered the shape of the face, in which the ratio of the horizontal to the vertical face is 2 to 3. If the ratio is different, different colors cosmetics - creams and blush - oval closer to the ideal setting.

Once you have prepared the skin for the application ofmake-up work through the problem areas corrector or concealer. Wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, age spots and inflammation should be hidden, otherwise further correction will be impossible. Then take a concealer two shades - a little lighter than your natural skin color is slightly darker. Also, you will need a brush for applying makeup - Kabuki brush will help to shade the border between shades of cream, a brush with a beveled cut need for a nose and cheekbones.

Square face

concealer dark shade apply a sharp protruding parts of the face;

Clear up the center of the forehead, nose and chin;

on the cheekbone under the outer corner of the eye, apply a highlighter;

put rouge on the region from the middle ear to the chin and on the protruding part of the lower jaw;

blend the boundaries between tones and secure matting powder.

Oval face

darker shade of foundation base for the area under the cheekbone, this retract cheeks and apply the product to the resulting hollow;

smile - formed to "apples" put blush or highlighter;

blend borders and secure the makeup powder.

Round face

in order to remove excess bulk cheeks, apply a darker shade on the rounded side of the face;

light matte shade emphasize the triangle from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth and nose center;

Clear up the triangle between the bridge of the nose and the beginning of the eyebrows;

pink, terracotta or intense beige blush put on the area from the middle ear to the chin;

secure matting powder.

Triangular face

If the triangle is pointing down - zatoniruyte corners of the forehead and the center of the chin;

if the triangle pointing up - to darken the lower part of the face;

Apply blush on the cheekbones protruding parts.

With diamond-shaped face

Avoid applied darker tone under the cheekbone and light - on themselves cheekbones;

lightens center of the forehead, nose and chin;

blush natural colors apply to the apples of the cheeks, as if drawing a figure 8;

fix makeup powder with glare.


We make eyebrows and eyes

The bright and pearly shade visually reduce the eye, if they are applied to the mobile eyelid. For optical zoom eyes, apply light shades under the eyebrow.

If your eyes are too farfrom each other, apply a more intense shade darker shade on the mobile eyelid above the inner corner of the eye. Sculpting close-set eyes suggests a darker shade on the eyelid above the outer corner of the eye.

Not only cosmetics helps to visually smoothoval face, and eyebrows. For round and square face fit pointy eyebrows with a break for the stretched - straight neat eyebrows for the triangular and diamond-shaped - smooth rounded lines.

Contouring Nose

Few women are completely satisfied with the shape of the nose, for the confidence they need correction. Assist dark and light tones of cream.


On the long and narrow nose fully apply lightshade on a wide - a darker shade on the wings of the nose, a big and round - on the border of the nose and the upper part. Hump ​​on the nose can also be masked by makeup - Apply darker tone cream right on impartial detail.

For more information, view video stunning girls, where she demonstrates the technique of contouring.

How to change the shape of the face without surgeryintervention. How can the oval correction, if your purse is, blush and foundation, how to implement the visual nasal contouring lines, eyes and eyebrows. High-quality and diverse cosmetic, diligence, some professional secrets - and you're on top! Good luck!

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