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Trendy New Year's makeup

To successfully enter the next year, you need toconsider your solemn image detail. Holiday makeup is different from everyday bright, memorable touches. Therefore, the right makeup so difficult to find without going beyond the limits of taste. You should emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of disguise. But most importantly, so that your image was truly magical and New Year.

Be sure to think over wardrobe and hairstyle: In this case the selection does not make difficult. If your clothes and accessories are presented in a bright performance, the flashy colors spoil the whole image. A fairly modest attire will not be festive with discreet makeup.

How to choose makeup for New Year image

New image consists of small details that make it complete. The combination of all the elements correctly matched to the type of face, skin and hair color, will make you the queen of the evening:


The festive make-up decided to allocate somethingone - the lips or eyes. The emphasis of all the details will make the image of the caller and the vulgar. Professional make-up artists say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul, so to create a mysterious style sure to highlight them. You are alone and you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex? Make bright lips, as you know, men really like plump sensual lips.

New Year's make-up must containshimmering elements - from bright sparkles on a shadow to the mysterious iridescence of powder on the face. Remember: Do not overload the image of more than brilliance. You will then resemble Christmas toy, which is poured all sides. This is especially true of shadows, precipitating the end of the celebrations on the cheek.

Makeup for the New Year have to be smart. Forget about everyday pastel colors: to eyes sparkled need a combination of at least three types of shadows.


And do not forget about the carcass and twisted eyelashes. A truly dramatic look is obtained by thick and long lashes.

Latest styles for the New Year makeup

Holiday make-up must be unique and match venue catering.
A distinctive feature of the premises is a hugethe amount of artificial light, under which your image will sparkle with all the colors. Remember illumination focuses on the skin, highlighting all the shortcomings and flaws. Your tone should be flawless and eye stranger to hide unnecessary detail.

Perfect retro style with graceful wingedeyeliner. Be aware of the particular structure of your eyes, when you draw a thin line: try not to be like someone - accentuate your positive side.

"Smoky" is a great option forromantic image. You can choose as aggressive dark shades, and more light, natural. However, the main emphasis is on the eyes and feather lines.

suitable make-up for special occasions innude style, the feature of which is the simplicity and naturalness. The main emphasis in this make-up is done on the skin, emphasizing the special means of beauty and naturalness. It's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Be sure to select the tone with protective properties, all masked defects (wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes). Use tools with light reflecting particles - they give little face unearthly glow and lightness.


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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