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Trends in makeup: delicious lips Ombre (scent)

The term "Ombre" in French means"shadow". Today Ombre (scent) - this is one of the most popular and trendy techniques in manicure, make-up and hair color. Word-colored fingernails, hair, and now his lips - this last century. The three-dimensional effect Ombre (scent) is used to create plump and inviting female lips. Ombre Lips / smell really look very expressive and catchy, engage the views of passers-by.

Popular lip color Ombre / smell

To create a lip Ombre / scent can beIt used the most diverse color palette. You can create additional visual lip volume with the help of a smooth transition of two or three close by the tone of lipstick shades. And you can do more safely, to take a deliberately contrasting colors and create an image in the style of pop art, as if descended from the paintings of Andy Warhol. The photo shown lips Ombre / scent, made by various methods.

One of the most popular colors used forcreating Ombre lips - purple. Yes, no crimson, not red, and bright purple! Purple lips - it is a bold and uniquely, you say, but with the right makeup, they look quite stylish and beautiful.

A simple technique of mouth effect Ombre / smell

The main rule of the lips Ombre / smell - moisturizingbefore applying the tone. To do this, you can use the usual balm. After he absorbed it is necessary to outline the outline, then apply lipstick or gloss (one color on top of another, starting with the darker shade). At the end of the procedure clean brush to gently feather shades until Ombre / scent effect.


Ombre Technique (scent) on his lips

Stylish Makeup Ombre / scent, photos

A few examples of the photo with the effect of lip Ombre /scent. Gently combine the technique Ombre and the rest of the make-up. Emphasis should be only one, in this case on your lips. Otherwise, you will not look stylish and funny. sense of proportion must be present in all. A win-win option would be a combination of lip Ombre / scent with understated eye makeup, made in pastel colors, or just enough to make up the eyelashes mascara.

  • Ombre Effect (scent) on his lips

  • Lips in the style Ombre (scent)

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