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Trends in hair coloring

According to most psychologists, ifYou want to change their lives and bring into it something new - to change hairstyle. Changing hair color - is a way to change yourself, make something new in the already established form, add a style or completely change their image, and, often, and try to change the life - a "new haircut - a new life." According to the same psychologists - there is nothing that improves the mood of a woman as a successful change in hair color.

Six Hollywood trends in hair lightening


Contouring - The term can be an example not only to themake-up, but also coloring. Contouring Technology allows you to create the illusion of a narrower or, on the contrary, broad face, his features to adjust thanks to the game of shadows and light bleached and dark strands. If Chrissy Teigen hair roots remain natural, and strands of a person are clarified and made more vivid - so the model's face is visually lengthens and stretches. In addition, Contouring technique allows you to do a long break between visits to the stylist.

Actress arrives at go90 Sneak Peek at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on September 24, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.


If you're not a fan of too much contrast clarificationand want to stay in the same shade of hair, pay attention to the melting technique. The gist of it is that from the roots to the tips of the hair color gradually and almost imperceptibly, "melts", becoming lighter. To maximize the result of staining looked naturally and harmoniously, ask your stylist to the hair means to shine and remember that the best melting obtained on dark hair, like Salma Hayek.


Strobing or splashlight

Strobing or splashlight - a techniquecoloring, in which the average section of hair is lighter than the roots and tips, if you come under the spotlight lens. Its fan is a model Gigi Hadid, because she knows that Strobing hair "flatter" of her skin tone and oval face. This image involves staining the broader strands (this makes the color more multi-dimensional and alive), as well as a mix of dark roots, light reflections from a person and a deeper color on the tips - not the easiest process, but the result is definitely worth it.

MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 26: Gigi Hadid walks the runway at the Moschino show during the Milan Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2015 on February 26, 2015 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Pietro D'Aprano / Getty Images)


This technique allows you to play with the most daring,provocative hair shades, looking at it in an adult way - as an example, look at the hair Demi Lovato. The idea is to paint only the lower strand of hair, more precisely, their ends - it can be time-pigments crayons, if it is a bright, colored strands, or ask your stylist to lighten your natural shade for three to four tones.


Flash - effects

Hollywood stars love this technique of lighteningbecause it makes their skin, brighter eyes and lips, as if highlighting them, as a camera flash. Bleached strands should be quite a bit and, mainly in the face. Look at the photo of Sarah Jessica Parker - she looks like most flash effects is significant.



Observe the little girls in the summer afterSea - their hair is a little fade, it is not uniform, due to which the entire length of the hair appear flashing different colors - honey, caramel, wheat. It is grown Hollywood beauties like Jennifer Lopez also love babylights, and for good reason - this staining technique refreshes any image and visually makes you much younger.


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