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There are bruises after massage procedures? We understand the reasons

Bruising after different types of massage - itquite common. Some people even believe that the more painful is the procedure, and the more after it is bruising and bruising, the greater is achieved therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Meanwhile, for some types of exposure such traces are completely unacceptable, as evidenced by their appearance exclusively on the professional incompetence.

In this article, we will tell you why, in some cases after the massage are bruising, and under which it forms them to be in any case should not be.

Is this normal, if after a back massage are the bruises?

Most often patients use the servicesprofessional masseurs in certain diseases of the back and spine. In addition, a similar effect on the human body is perfectly helps to relax and strengthen muscles and is often used for the prevention of various ailments.

It is believed that during the back massageit is impossible to avoid the pain, after that ugly dark marks occur in certain areas of the body. In fact, it is not so, and bruising in such a situation may appear only in the case of improper technique.

The proper massage techniques designed torestore elasticity of muscles, improve blood flow and strengthen the blood vessels. Bruises on the contrary, there are in violation of the integrity of capillaries and their break. Furthermore, bruising may be formed in the event that the therapist during zaschipyvaem your skin.

Thus, if after a back massage you are ugly bruises and other marks, as well as strong pain and discomfort, you should consult another specialist.

A similar technique is to cause relaxation andas a minor muscle soreness. Bruising may also occur only after the application of rigid types of exposure, such as honey, canned and anti-cellulite massage.

Should there be bruises after the anti-cellulite massage treatments?

As for the anti-cellulite massage, the bruisingAfter this procedure - it is absolutely normal. As you know, cellulite affects not only obese women. In some situations, from orange peel to get rid of a very slender dream of the fair sex.

Usually it is in these girls body massage causes many unpleasant and painful sensations, and after this procedure in different areas as small bruises and even bruising.

In most cases, these marks appearon a woman's body at the beginning of the session, when the therapist has not yet figured out how to work with the skin it is not to leave unsightly bruises. In addition, the dermis itself takes some time to get used to a rather intense attack.

Afraid bruises formed on your body whenanti-cellulite massage, it is not worth it. If the procedure is carried out qualified, very soon, your skin gets used, and on it there will be no trace of these unsightly marks.

To quickly get rid of this side effect, you can use one of the following methods:

  • for a time of 2-3 times per day applied to the affected area warm heating pad;
  • smear the bruises ointment or cream with a high content of concoctions;
  • make a compress of the herb arnica or mountain cinquefoil;
  • for lotions can be used and the mixture of medicinal plants, consisting of clover, clover, lemon balm and Knotweed;
  • Apply to the painful area of ​​skin iodine grid;
  • to strengthen the blood vessels should be once a day, take "Troxerutin" tablets;
  • to rapidly dissolve blood clots andto get rid of bruises, the damaged area should be constantly smear drug for topical application containing heparin, for example, "Lioton-gel".

Why then can massage on the body are often left bruises?

Almost all of us anyway, familiar withCup massage and other elements of vacuum therapy. After any such procedures on the body is required to bruise, but in appearance they are more like a rather large red spots. Scientifically, these should be called extravasates.

The basis of the action of vacuum therapy alwaysfluid flow property is put out of the zone of higher pressure to a zone of lower pressure. The lower the pressure, the greater the amount of fluid to rush.

Widely known massage is one of the banksthe main elements of vacuum therapy, during which creates a low pressure area, which immediately sent to the liquid - namely, blood and lymph. And the more specialist sucks your skin with the help of the banks, the more bright and prominent marks on her left.

All this explains the nature extravasates,which is required to appear on the patient's body, at least after the first exposure sessions cans. In some cases, after 3-4 procedures, movement of lymph and blood circulation normal, after which the person ceases to feel pain, and there is no longer the ugly marks on his skin.

Meanwhile, in most cases, after use cans remain hematoma and last sessions, however, they are considerably less bright.

Whether it is normal, if the body after the honey massage bruises?

Honey rub or massage, is used indifferent situations, including for getting rid of cellulite. The essence of this procedure is that the first is applied to problem areas of honey, and then kneaded strong cotton, palm during which as it were "glued" to the body of the patient, and then abruptly torn.

At the same time due to exposure to conditions resembling mikrovakuum, blood flow increases, and dilates blood vessels.

Naturally, as a result of one or more sessions procedure remotely similar elements vacuum therapy, small black circles are formed on the skin of the patient.

In most cases, they are practically invisible andfast pass, however, some girls are ugly traces can deliver a lot of discomfort. Particularly strong hematomas occur in obese women with advanced cellulite.

To prevent the occurrence of such ugly bruising, you must use the following guidelines:

Before a session should take a hot shower to steam out the body, as well as use the scrub. This can apply an ordinary ground coffee or any cosmetic product;

Next, you need to stretch your body. A specialist can make a slight rubbing your hands or use a special massager;

Immediately before application to the body in honeyit is necessary to add a few drops of any essential oil, for example, of bergamot, orange or eucalyptus. So you not only to prevent bruising, but will attach a means to get rid of cellulite and other skin problems unique flavor;

The resulting mixture should only be applied to drythe skin with light circular movements of his hands, then it should be left on the body for 1-2 minutes and only then start rubbing honey procedure;

After the session, the whole body is necessary to apply a soothing cream or lotion.

Thus, the appearance of bruises and otherugly marks on the body after one or more massage sessions can sometimes be completely normal, however, in some cases, this situation should alert you and think about changing the masseur.

Also, a small portion of human dermis sosensitive that any, even the lightest, the impact on her results in the appearance of hematomas. In such a situation, you should increase the time between sessions and to try all possible ways to soothe your skin after the procedure.

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