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The thin and sparse hair - prevention and treatment

Factors that affect the health of the hair, can bea lot, but they are unlikely to reflect those whom nature has endowed a luxurious head of hair. But the owners of fine and rare hair definitely try to find the root cause, to correct the situation.

Why thinning hair and how to help them

Explanations for this alarming process a few:

  • environmental impact;
  • heredity;
  • disease;
  • addictions;
  • improper care.

If the hair on your head has lost its earlier appeal to the fault of bad genes or due to this illness, most likely, you will have to come to terms with what was left.

In other cases, you may well help yourselfthemselves or consult a trichologist. Thin hair treated by applying a systematic approach, which consists of a plurality of successive steps:

  • Balanced food.
  • Delicate care, including the use of combs made of wood.
  • Proper washing.
  • Make-vitamins (inside and outside).
  • The exact choice of means for the hair type.
  • Scalp Massage.

If the hair is weakened and fall because of addiction to strong drinks and cigarettes, eliminate those triggers from your life.

Diet, cosmetics, not only

If every day to comb remainsmore hair, pay attention to what you eat. Is there enough on your desk products containing vitamin A? This cottage cheese, carrots, nuts, saltwater fish, liver, oats, cheese, sorrel and eggs.


Thin hair quickly become dirty, wash them so often have. And this should be armed with shampoos that give volume: in the composition of such funds contain a minimum of fat components.

Head dries better without the dryer, whose hotair is able to further thin the hair. If you can not do without styling, apply to the base strands light sprays and mousses, abandoning heavy gels and waxes. Please note that irons and curling irons - the enemies of thin hair.

Do not forget about the massage of the scalp, due to which the blood rushes to the hair follicles: it is performed with fingertips in a circle (from the temples to the nape).

Colouring and hairstyle for such hair, too, are chosen carefully: dark tones prefer highlights, better to get a haircut in the art "cascade".

Panacea for thinning head of hair - homemade mask. For example, this: Mix a tablespoon of gelatin with water (3 tbsp.). Connect the composition with a single dose of shampoo and wash your hair. They will be lush, soft and smooth.

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