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The shape, color and size does matter: Choose a tattoo

Very often a man's desire to change, to be exactto change something in their appearance, stand out from the crowd, to emphasize their individuality and personality leads him to the master tattoo. Application of various types of tattoos on his body is now a very popular form of art not only among the ultra-modern youth, but also among middle-aged people.

And addicted to it, not only men, but alsowomen. But the majority of the older generation think the drawings on the body something antisocial labels, which have been associated with people having been in prison.

In fact, the art of tattoo hasseveral thousand years of history and is found in many nations. you can find on the Internet If you wish all the relevant information on this issue and make sure that our ancestors also addicted to tattoos.

If you are going to the tattoo parlor for the purpose of decorating theirbody and thinking over how to choose a tattoo is important to understand that any image carries a certain meaning and can have an impact not only on the people who will witness this beauty, but also on the very "media" tattoo.

Therefore, choosing what will be shown on theor another part of your body should be guided not just a passing fad now popular art of body art and fashion to any specific image, but also their own feelings. How to choose the right tattoo, soon to be disappointed and do not want to get rid of it?

How to choose and when to draw?

Experienced tattoo artists and people who have alreadyrepeatedly resorted to their services, they insist on the fact that from the moment a person has a desire to get a tattoo and to the implementation of the ideas must pass at least three weeks.

During this time, people either permanentlydecide what and where on his body he wants to draw, or give up the idea. This "wait and see technique" and the nurturing of the idea to decorate your body pattern on the skin - a mandatory part of the process.

Why? The fact is that 95% of cases of spontaneous tattooing "for the company", "in a state of deep sadness", "in the euphoria of first love" and other "fragile states" ends in disappointment.

After a few days \ weeks after patterning, when the emotional state comes back to normal, the person becomes aware of his ill-considered act and regret for what he did.

How to choose the right tattoo girl or guy?

In order to make the right choice you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Carefully think about it and choose a locationlocation of your future tattoo. Modern technology of applying the tattoo, and the tools used for this, allow to "draw" in almost all areas of our body. How to choose a tattoo? First of all, you need to think about whether you want to be seen around or it will show the very close people. It has been observed that men are more likely than women to exhibit their tattoos on the show, ladies prefer to hide them;
  • Decide on the style of the application and only thenproceed to the selection of the picture. If this seems like an impossible task to you, and you do not know how to choose the right style of tattoos, it is best to consult with the master. In most cases, the wizard tattoo working in salons - good psychologists who can easily pick up a tattoo customers, depending on their wishes and state of mind. However, the final decision, of course, be up to you;
  • Select the size, shape and brightness of the picture. So, properly chosen colorful and vivid image can show your originality and hidden from prying eyes small tattoos convey information only to the elect. In addition, you need to choose the tattoo font type, if the pattern comprises applying words or numbers.

All existing drawings conditionally divided into five types: square, triangle, rectangle, circle and zigzag.

Today, thanks to the Internet atwishing to decorate their body figures it is possible to find and explore all existing styles of tattooing, often used the font, as well as see pictures of finished works and download thumbnails that can later be submitted to the court master and apply on your body.

The value of the main figures

What is better to choose a tattoo, because each of these forms has its own value and is certain information?

To help those who can not decide onview tattoo and do not know how to choose a tattoo for the character, but really wants to decorate it your body, psychologists have made a special test, the passage of which will help you choose the most suitable option.

Of the five proposed figures need to choose one or two of the most liked and then get acquainted with the characteristics:

  • Square prefer hard-working people, alwayswho shall communicate it started to end, thrust in his work and is very motivated. The "squares" and everything should always be in place and accomplished in his time;
  • The rectangle is considered to be a temporary formpersonality that other stable shapes can "wear" at certain periods of his life. These people are busy looking for a better position. Leading their qualities are curiosity, curiosity, courage and a keen interest in everything going on around them;
  • The triangle symbolizes the leadership, the ability tofocus on the main goal. People-triangles energetic, strong personalities, who set themselves clear goals and achieve them, avoiding conflicts;
  • Circle - this is the most benevolent figure. "Kuga" have a high sensitivity, the ability to empathize and sympathize with;
  • Zigzags, tend to choose creative nature. This is the most enthusiastic and excitable of all shapes. Combining different, completely different ideas and creation on their basis of something new and original - is the main fascination zigzag.

Most of the proposed five figures two people choose the most appropriate, allowing you to choose the tattoo drawing as accurately as possible.

We determine the color

Choosing a tattoo is important to understand that it will beaccompany you everywhere and not a single day, so in addition to choose the shape and size of the pattern you need to pay special attention to the color scheme, in which it will be executed.

Color pattern is extremely important, because it canhave an impact on the overall condition of the body or to specific parameters of its vital functions, such as respiration rate, heart rate, speed of reaction, blood pressure, etc .:

The red color helps to lift your mood and energize, strengthens the nervous tension. Use it to gently;

Yellow stimulates thinking and creativity, and a lure, helps to relieve stress, but its excess can cause anxiety and aggression;

Blue soothes and creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, symbolizes the eternal, timeless values, as well as an appetite suppressant;

Green shades in the tattoo business atmosphere and create a feeling of safety, reliability is the association, fertility and support;

Violet takes excitement to a trust, normalize hormone levels.

Despite a rich palette of colors to applytattoos, considered unshakable classic black color, which creates a very clear lines and soft shadows. This color is equally well suited and the girl and the guy.

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