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The products on which there is cellulite and other causes of this phenomenon

The very first reason for the appearance of cellulite,released by experts associated with the nutritional status of women. There are certain products on which there is cellulite. And if she wants to get rid of this problem, it will have to revise your diet and make a bet on healthy products and reduce the amount of harmful or abandon them completely.

What Causes Cellulite

Products that cause the appearance of orange peel:

  • fast food, semi-finished products;
  • high carbohydrate diet, which includes muffins, pastries, white bread, etc .;
  • salt and sugar;
  • candy, especially chocolate;
  • all kinds of pickles, marinades, sauces, and ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • drink - sweet soda, black tea and instant coffee;
  • meat, rich in fats;
  • alcohol.


As for fast food and convenience foods, hereall clear. Scientists have proved that the abundance of these products as part of synthetic additives, chemicals, preservatives and dyes detrimental impact on the health of the human body, causing a disruption of the work of all organs and systems.

In addition to this food a lot of harmful fats,not processed by the body and deposited in the most mouth-watering places - hips, legs and buttocks. Regular semi snacks can only complicate existing problems and create obstacles to getting rid of cellulite.

Foods rich in easily digestible carbohydrates,extremely high in calories, which is why its use at the first sign of incipient orange peel, cut better. Sugar and salt, which are called "white death", the doctors called a frequent cause of diseases such as breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and heart attack.

Refined sugar involved in theEducation refractory fats and promotes the deposition of fat in the human body. Salt retains fluid in the body, which is also not the best way affects the condition of the skin. For the same reason, it is harmful foods rich in salt.

Coffee, tea and sodasextremely rich in caffeine, which not only causes the production of excessive amounts of adrenaline, but also prevents the absorption of some essential minerals, and most importantly - iron.

As a result, the person experiences attacksunaccountable anxiety begins to consume caffeine-rich drinks even more, and falls into a vicious circle, which is fraught with the appearance of cellulite, not only, but many diseases of internal organs.

Fat meat causes the deposition of fat, and alcohol only exacerbates the problem, as it causes excessive appetite. As a result, people overeat, which is reflected on his skin.

The reasons for the appearance of cellulite in pregnancy

Many women notice that they have celluliteIt appeared during pregnancy. This is not surprising, because in the middle of pregnancy the woman is gaining approximately 11-13 kg, and especially the weight gain felt by her belly, thighs, buttocks and legs. Inventories grow fat, and the skin is stretched, thinned, resulting in orange peel symptoms become more noticeable.

These changes do not be afraid, because duringpregnancy, hormonal changes, the body throws all the forces on the bearing of the baby and "forgets" about the mother's needs. Most women after pregnancy, the skin regains its original properties and appearance.


Why do I get hated cellulite on legsduring pregnancy? Hitherto slender female legs with the appearance of rounded tummy start to become covered ugly pits and dimples, which is also due to the restructuring of the whole body.

In fact, during pregnancy it varies not only hormones, but also metabolism and blood flow.

As a result, the legs during pregnancyexperiencing an increased load, covered by spider veins and characteristic irregularities. In recent months a woman is forced to spend more time in a sitting or lying position, which only exacerbates the problem.

The reasons for the appearance of cellulite in lean women and middle-aged ladies

Why do I get the nasty cellulite lean? It is believed that the orange peel is the prerogative of obese women, but it is not. On thin legs and other parts of the body, it does not occur often.

The reasons for the appearance of the same - hormonal failure,poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as heredity. And if pregnant ugly pits and bumps on the legs, buttocks and thighs appears due to natural process, then not hatching baby woman this may be due to hormonal medications.

If cellulite has appeared on the legs thin woman, herYou need to revise your diet and lifestyle. Flabby muscles, not knowing what the physical exertion, faster covered orange peel. To maintain a healthy body is not necessarily recorded in the gym and carry heavy weights, quite often to walk, stroll in the evening and do a 30-minute exercises in the morning.

About nutrition has already been said, but ifwomen are excluded from the diet of all harmful products and cellulite on skinny legs continues to poison the life, the catch can be covered in insufficient intake of fluid. It is necessary to drink about 2 liters of clean water per day.


At what age cellulite appears hateful? Since one of the main reasons for the appearance of orange peel is hormonal changes, the problem faced by the fair sex more often during adolescence and during menopause. It does not matter what a woman's complexion, as ugly pits and bumps may appear as skinny legs, and on the full.

However, the young girls of their appearance barelynoticeable, whereas in women after 40 years, how thin and complete, their symptoms more pronounced. This is due to age-related changes in the skin and surrounding tissues.

Metabolic processes in the body womenmenopause slows down, collagen production is significantly reduced, the skin and tissue that extend east beneath it, can no longer fulfill their function as before. As a result, the surface layer of thin, dehydrated, covered with a wrinkled appearance of cellulite.

At this age, fight orange peelheavier, but in lean young ladies better chance of success. By keeping yourself in shape, working out and eating the right foods, they can avoid most of the problems associated with the work of the internal organs and prolong their beauty for a long time.

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