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The new line of lip Givenchy Rouge Interdit Collection Spring 2017

Givenchy Spring 2017 will provide an updateline of lipsticks Rouge Interdit. The motto of the campaign these lipsticks is the phrase «I Was Here». The implication is that a woman who wears a lipstick, has a strong character and expressive style.


The updated line will 24 deeper andsaturated hue. They all have a satiny texture, easy to bed on the lips and gives them the perfect color. In addition to its flawless color qualities, the new lipstick is also a great care for the lips, thanks to make up the oil, including oil and precious black roses.


What will be included in a new collection of Givenchy

The new line of lipsticks Givenchy Rouge Interdit Collection Spring 2017 will include such shades:

Secret Nude; Serial Nude; Urban Nude; Street Rose; Nude in The Dark; Rose Nocturne; Purple Fiction; Framboise Obscur; Rose Alibi;
Boyish Rose; Orange Underground; Rouge Insomnie; Rouge Interdit; Redlight; Orange Adrenaline;
Wanted Coral; Flash Coral; Addicted to Rose; Rosy Night; Wild Rose; Rose Neon; Infrarose; Fuchsia In The Known; Ultravioline.


The most interesting promises to be a touch of VinylNoir Revelateur, which combines red lipstick and black pigment, responds to the lips with PN. Thus, each winner will receive his own, individual red.


Along with the updated line of lipsticks, will be released as 10 shades of lip pencils updated Givenchy Lip Liner.


One of them, Givenchy Primer and Filling LipLiner, will have a transparent color and be universal - it can be used not only as a lip liner, suitable for any lipstick, but also as a primer, which increases the resistance of the lipstick.


The updated line of lip Givenchy Rouge Interdit Collection Spring 2017 will be released in the international sale in the end of January 2017.


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