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The most safe and effective methods of tattoo removal different parts of the face

His inventions of modern cosmetologyconstantly pleases women. They allow us to become more beautiful and perfect, and some of these inventions make it possible to save more and at this time. That tattoo is one such "gifts" from the beauticians. But what if, for whatever reason, from the "induced beauty" to get rid? In this case, help is only tattoo removal, which requires a responsible approach.

This procedure is probably more complicated than itpacking, and ways to make it today there is quite a lot. Which one to choose to return to its former natural beauty, not distorted unpleasant traces, scars?

What it is?

Probably every woman living in the 21st century, at least once heard the word "tattoo", but priverzhenka naturalness rarely use it.

Call it even permanent cosmetics. It is done for the eyebrows, lips, eyelids, to outline them to shape and color.

This is very convenient, because thanks to this makeup you need to spend a lot less time to make up.

Its principle is similar to the principle of tamping tampingtattoo with the difference that in the case of the latter dye penetrates deeply into the dermis and reduce it difficult, and in itself it is not unlikely to come, can be burned only slightly with time. As for tattooing, the material does not penetrate as deeply, it descends itself, but it may happen in a couple of years, and within 5-6 years.

But what if the monotonous lip makeup eyebrows or eyelids had become boring and want to change something? No information in this case can not do.

How it's done?

There are a number of ways that will get rid of permanent cosmetics. They all have advantages and disadvantages, which should know before you make your choice.

The chemical method using remuverov

This method was invented in the USA in latecentury. For him, used remuver - a chemical substance containing a specific pigment. The composition and structure of its similar to the composition and structure of the ink applied to create a permanent make-up.

When the interaction of paint and pigment causes a chemical reaction by which first pushed out of the skin.

Tattoo removal procedure that uses the remuver carried out as follows:

  • The place where permanent cosmetics is treated with antiseptic and anesthetic was applied;
  • Through the empty needles intended for this purpose, is applied to the treated site damage;
  • Furthermore, this area is covered remuverom;
  • As a result of the procedure at this point appears crust, which eventually disappears with paint for tattoo eyelids, lips or eyebrows.

If the reduction is carried out using an experienced specialist and strong remuver, can not completely get rid of the paint.

The main drawback of this method is thatthat the substance is in fact inflicts a burn on the skin, so you need to work with it as carefully as possible. it is not recommended to do your own Due to this chemical removal of permanent makeup.


This technique is fairly simple in execution. Picked paint flesh-colored and applied over the permanent cosmetics. In the first few weeks after this event the effect is indeed saved, but later pigment color starts to change, becoming whitish, creamy or yellowish. In addition, it becomes apparent the old make-up through it.

Besides the fact that this method is not very effective to remove the clarified laser tattoo is also almost impossible.

Surgical method

He is considered to be quite effective. By means of a scalpel excised skin on the tattoo site. After the procedure will have some time to wait until this area is healed. It is done under local anesthesia.

The method allows to completely remove permanentmake-up, but there is one drawback - depending on skill level and individual characteristics of the body's healing scars may take a long time, and in some cases, scars remain forever.

Removing the electric

The method is considered to be very effective. Electrocoagulation takes very little time. Often unable to make permanent makeup for a hike to a specialist. As a rule, burns after the procedure is not, but there are exceptions. In rare cases, the scars remain for a long time to heal. Nevertheless, due to electrocoagulation permanent makeup is completely removed.

Excretion of the laser

This method is today considered optimal, while causing a lot of controversy and debate.

Despite this, more women stop on it due to its effectiveness and the fact that after the event is left scars.

Since the pigment is crushed by a laser beam and then emitted. The penetration depth of the beam in removing the tattoo with a laser, and its diameter is determined individually for each case.

This is affected by the following factors:

  • ink saturation. If it is introduced into the skin deep, permanent make-up will make very difficult;
  • Type persons. On dark skin beam can be scattered, making it difficult to achieve the effect, but the light-skinned girls easier to tattoo removal laser is given, regardless of whether it comes to eyebrows, lips or eyelids;
  • Color pigment. Mixing bright paint is usually very difficult, and in some cases completely insoluble. But with dark paint laser copes much better.

Disadvantages of the procedure:

  • High price. The event will be costly, so let it alone can not everyone;
  • Duration. Usually one treatment is not enough to remove the tattoo of the lips, eyelids and eyebrows with a laser, so visit the specialist will have a few times and the time interval between sessions is about 1.5-2 months;
  • Soreness. The vast majority of women who used laser assure that the event delivers a very unpleasant feeling. However, this disadvantage is offset by the fact that it is performed under local anesthesia.


Perform this procedure at home is not recommended, because it can be dangerous and traumatic occupation that does not always produce results.

Nevertheless, in the absence of other possibilities, you can try to do it yourself.

Often used for activities iodine (5%solution). Moisten a cotton swab to wipe them to medicines and the right section, making just 2-3 movements per session. Do this for a month three times a day. To gently remove the crust, which will be formed, using a special cream or ointment.

In no case do not rip off her, or scars can hardly be avoided. Note that this method does not guarantee that permanent paint will be removed efficiently and completely. Besides, if used improperly means you risk getting burned.

Sometimes tattoo removal eyebrows, lips or eyelidscarried out at home by special means, acquired in the cabin. Over time, the paint will be lighter, will be diluted, but expect that it will completely disappear, it is not necessary. Use the tool for too long and often in hopes of getting better results is not necessary - it can also result in skin damage.

Currently used creamdesigned specifically for tattoo removal. It works similar to the action of remuvera. They are effective, but the information may take from one to several months.

Before you choose one or another removal techniquetattoo, consult with a specialist. Taking into account the features of your make-up and skin type it determines which of the techniques is most suitable for you.

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