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The main beauty trends of the new season

Sequins and bright shadows, a dense blush and an abundance of gold, a curling volute and oblique prodrinks return to us this spring.

Bright accents

Francois Nars, creating a make-up for Mark Jacobs, recalled the images of Boy George.
The dense color on the eyelids of the girls Ports 1961,The flashy-yellow shadows of Sportmax, the sweeping make-up of the punk-style eyelids, chosen for the Louis Vuitton fashion shows, are typical signs of the decade most cited in this season.
The models of Cushnie et Ochs were drawn by the lips of Michelle Pfeiffer from the film "Scarface" in 1983.


Bright accents in make-up

Hairstyles - 2017: Tail on the side

"They are cocky and unchained", - so Sam McKnightDescribed the models of Chanel. Hair girls top stylist on hairstyles gathered in a magnificent tail, threw it on one shoulder and secured with bright neon rubber bands with brand logos. Other attributes of the fashionable excess in the style of the 1980s were the baseball cap, which was put on one side, and the blush, shaded on cheekbones, temples and even eyelids.


Tail on the side

Fashion Trend: Lips & Cheeks

"Yes, we drew inspiration in the 1980s," said Lincy Alexander, the author of the Kenzo image. - But the make-up turned out modern. There is no hint of retro! "

With red lipstick, Lincy walked not only over his lips, but also on the cheekbones and eyelids of the models. Then he diligently stroked his temples with a special brush.
Pros call it a stippling brush and use it to work with liquid and cream textures. As a result, it seemed that the color was applied to the cheeks with the aid of an advanced airbrush.


Lips & Cheeks

Hairstyle: Hair Polishing

Givenchy's hairstyle, resembling a radiant helmet,Polished hair models Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Mugler. "Texture" is the main word of the season. In fashion, the effect is not just wet strands, but supernaturally brilliant. They should be smooth, glossy and look almost artificially, "explained the essence of the new trend of hair guru Eugene Suleiman, who experimented with gel for stacking on backstage Altuzarra, Acne, Thakoon, and others.


Smooth hair

Fashion braids

The spit of Kenzo reflects the disco style of the 1980s. A hint of haircuts of those times with shaved temples and a long bang sounded and at the show Andrew GN.
However, the find of spring nevertheless became a bunch of Dior cSmall pigtails on the back of the head. Its author Guido Palau, not referring to any of the decades, only modestly remarked: "The hair is not ideal. I tried to make the models look as simple as the girls from the neighboring yard. Such a bundle they could build themselves. "


Fashion braids

Precious metals

"It's an extravaganza of brilliance," Pat McGrath announced when each new DKNY model came out on the podium with more and more sparkles on the lips.
Glittering lips at the shows of Fendi and Andrew GN. Marksa and Versace eyelids sparkled with silver and gold.

"In this season, all literally obsessed with metal effects: golden smoky eyes, reflecting the light of sequins, shimmering pigments," - summed up Val Garland behind the scenes of the show Julien Macdonald.
Eccentricity, beating over the edge, is absolutely in the spirit of the 1980s!


Glitter on lips

Volumetric curls

Cindy Crawford, El MacPherson, Brooke Shields - the hairstyles of supermodels of the 1980s stylist Duffy revived for the show Topshop Unique.
"Texturing spray, hair dryer, mousse for volume,Thin tongs. What I did not exactly take in hand, so it's a comb. Just raster the strands between the palms to make it lush. And threw on one side, "- shared the professional secrets master. So in the coming season without the popular in those days chemical perm can be dispensed with.


Voluminous curls


Voluminous curls

Special Effects

San stripping, or the effect of light tanning, inPerformance of Balmain make-up artists, non-tourging, he's also an unobtrusive contouring demonstrated at the Ralph Lauren parade, a strobing that gave the cheeks of the Dior models a gentle glow.


Gentle Shine

It is important only to apply the funds in a translucent layer and carefully shade!

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