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The darkening of the skin in the intimate area of ​​women

Finding that there were dark patches on the genitallips, women can be afraid. For a long time she could not ignore the changes and accidentally find looking after showering in the mirror, that against the background of pink dark vaginal labia stand out, look - in her opinion - unaesthetic.

Why change color in the intimate area and what these changes are related?

Physical causes

The color of the labia minora change as a result of many factors.

In any physical effects in an intimatearea, persistent or recurrent, a woman's body responds change of pigmentation. The woman may not notice that constantly wears underwear, which compresses the skin - it is so used. Microtrauma also often applied and shaving.

Even the friction while walking in women who haveso physiologically disposed legs that are deleted in the inguinal folds, also causes browning. By the way, women with such physiological parameters in the inguinal folds increased sweating, and it also may explain why labia become dark.


Change the color of the intimate zone inflammatorydiseases that occur in the internal and external organs of the pelvis. Additional symptoms: swelling, swelling, redness, appearance of unpleasant discharge and sores on the lips.

If pigmentation has changed dramatically, and at the same timesmall and large sexual itch, when viewed on them you will notice small bubbles transparent, it is possible to suspect the disease - chromophytosis. In the future, the bubbles burst, one ichor oozing, dark spots go to the intimate zone in the thigh.

A similar symptoms is a fungal infection of any etiology.

After treatment, symptoms and cause inflammation culture disappear and darkening - most of all - remains.

Darkening of the intimate zone to smooth browncolor may indicate toxicity. This phenomenon is observed when the body is constantly receiving bad for him toxic compounds. They may be in the water and food, they can be inhaled respiratory during professional work in hazardous conditions. A woman can also enter their own in the body purposefully using drugs.

Contrast discoloration of the skin of the labia - a symptom of serious illness.

In cancer of the stomach mucosa becomes blackcolor and velvety surface. Oncological processes related to reproductive organs, cause changes in pigmentation and seal skin.

During Addison's disease chloasma coversnipples and armpits. When a disease called Cushing's syndrome, first turn brown labia, and then to the knees, elbows and stomach. Hyperpigmentation is also caused by age-related changes. The older a woman is, the darker the skin in the intimate area.


The vagina and labia become darker shade during pregnancy. Hyperpigmentation also covers the nipples, and sometimes the face and neck. Such changes are called - chloasma.

You can explain why this is so. Hormonal changes since the early days of pregnancy, preparing the body gradually to the new state. Pelvic Perfusion increases, respectively, and the load on the vessels feeding the genitalia increases. And on any impact the body reacts to changes in pigmentation.

In II and III trimester of internal influence on the labia increases, they become more soft, supple, and more pigmented. Now darken and labia.

Chloasma also occurs at constantusages of hormonal contraception, the use of hormonal agents for the treatment of diseases not related to the sexual sphere, with prolonged use of topical agents with corticosteroids.


Changing the color of the intimate areas can causevenous stasis and the appearance of varicose veins. Please lips swell and become purple and then cyanosis causes that gradually changes completely skin pigmentation.

In most cases, varicose disease causes pregnancy and obesity, but it can suffer and normal weight women with diseases that affect the metabolic processes in the body.

Doctors advise with varicose veins of the perineum to increase activity, less is static sitting or standing, to sleep on his side.

During childbirth varicose veins is not an indication for surgery. it is treated exactly Outside of this state as well as venous congestion in another area.

How to whiten the skin?

As can be seen, most of the darklabia - if this phenomenon is not a symptom of the disease - no physical discomfort, a woman does not deliver. But this woman can feel insecure. She thinks that the contrast of the skin in intimate places may alienate loved one.

There are special salon treatment,that help lighten the skin intimate areas - of course, they were not carried out, if darken or labia mucosa large. But when darkening the outer visible side of the labia majora and the surrounding intimate zone laser correction can restore the original color of the fabric.

You can whiten the skin and remove irritating hyperpigmentation by using home remedies.

Use one of the following recipes:

  • From fresh parsley juice is squeezed. It is mixed with a fat cream, and to drip a few drops of lemon juice. The tool is applied to problem areas for 5-10 minutes, no more. If there was a burning sensation, it is removed;
  • It does not damage the surface of the mucous membrane, helping to return the light skin tone, ordinary cucumbers. From its pulp mashed and applied to the private parts;
  • It is possible to cucumber juice diluted with white clay, the effect will be achieved faster.

Mask of parsley juice, when it is used 3-4 times a day, brightens the skin for 4-5 days, cucumber puree - 2-3 weeks.

The skin around the intimate areas of the labia can lead to "order" such home remedies:

  • coffee scrub;
  • lemon juice, strawberries, birch, pomegranate.

Whatever the means nor conducted clarification, after the removal of "agent" should be applied to the skin nourishing cream.

It is not necessary to attach great importance bloomintimate zone and to compare themselves with others in a bath or pool. The skin in the perineum in women can differ significantly from the epidermis color elsewhere. So ordered nature, and there is nothing abnormal in that the labia have Darkie brightened, while blondes have acquired rich brown color.

Uncertainty about the harmony of his bodywe create ourselves. It is not necessary because their body systems applied microtrauma. Even painless skin lightening cucumber juice breaks melanin production and stimulates the exfoliation of superficial cells.

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