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Sunless tanning - how to use

For chocolate or bronze hue to the skinalways striving most fashionistas - it's beautiful, stylish and sexy. However, direct sunlight is not all useful, and time for a natural tan in the pace of modern life is not enough. The best and safest way out in this case - to pick up a tool for sunless tanning.


How to apply sunless tanning

If you use sunless tanning for body, whethercream or spray, you must follow certain rules. This will help to get a smooth, even results and avoid the curious situation in which your skin is covered with multi-colored spots or stripes. Pay attention to the following points:

Rules applying sunless tanning

1. Before applying sunless tanning the skin should be cleaned with a scrub and moisturize. This is necessary in order to remove excess dead cells from the skin, then smooth tan will naturally.


2. If you have dry skin, it is necessary to prepare for sunless tanning for a few days before the procedure. Dry skin should be good to moisturize and remove scaly particles, to obtain a clean tan. For wetting use several times a day moisturizing cream or oil. Pay special attention to areas of the skin on elbows and knees. Means for sunless tanning appear at these locations more rapidly, and will generally tan unnatural. It is also necessary for even distribution of tanning.


3. If you purchased a new, unknown brand of sunless tanning, be sure to test it first on a small area of ​​skin. Some sunless tanning agents may appear on your skin an orange tint. If you are using the right tool at the whole body, and the resulting shade you do not like, it will be very difficult to wash off, and you have to walk with him for several days.

4. Before you apply the sunless tanning, check for any remaining droplets of water on the body after a shower or traces of any cream. If your skin is not perfectly clean, tan unevenly manifested, with spots and stains.


5. Try to apply the sunless tanning quickly and evenly over the entire body. Keep in mind that sunless tanning is particularly strong colors elbows, knees, décolleté and back of your wrist. Therefore, do not rub these places too much and cause a large amount of the cream. In order to lay down sunless tanning without divorce, should be applied to means, starting with the feet, and gradually move to the shoulders.


6. Immediately after applying the sunless tanning is necessary to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. Auto tan very quickly evident, especially between the toes, on the palms of the hands and cuticles, so that your nails are not painted, they should be cleaned with a brush.

7. Remember that the full manifestation and the absorption of any sunless tanning occurs within 4 hours. To obtain an even tan, do not wear clothes for 1 hour after applying the cream. Bright clothing can be painted within 2 hours after the procedure.

8.Est one secret - apply sunless tanning wet sponzhikom.
If you mix sunless tanning cream for the body, you can get a lighter skin tone.


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