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Sugar scrub for the body, face and lips - the sweet life of your skin! Recipes best sugar scrub for the whole body and individual parts

Confectionery and sweet drinks canreward us cellulite, excess weight, a rough, dull skin. If sugar is used as an external agent, it is able to deliver us from these troubles. Let's use sugar properly!

Sweet grains contain conventional white sugarsubstances, very useful for the skin. They disinfect, soften, returns elasticity and solids helps mechanically clean the surface of the epidermis. Sugar body scrubs, recipes are listed below - proven tools in the fight against sagging, orange peel, stretch marks.


How to properly use sugar body scrub

Recipes home scrubs based on sugara bunch of. Frequently, a composition suitable for the face, lips and body. Exceptions are scrubs of cellulite, they often contain potent substances do not apply to the skin.

It is enough to follow a few tips to get the most benefit from the "sweet" procedures:

1. Less sugar inside - more outside.

2. Prior to treatment of the whole body, it is advisable to take a bath, steam the skin, and thus reveal the pores for deep influence. If the purification zone will face, fit a steam bath or a warm compress.


3. Applying burning components of cellulite (ginger, pepper), accustom them to the skin gradually. Start typing them into the scrub micro dose, gradually increasing to the recommended amount in the recipe.

4. use crushed in a coffee grinder sugar for sensitive skin.

5. Brown sugar contains more useful substances to the skin, if possible, replace them normal white in recipes.

After cleaning rinse the scrub with warm water, and always rinse with cold at the end. The pores are narrowed, and the body will receive toning, temper the effect.

Sugar scrubs for the body, the best recipes

The composition of any scrub includes creamybasis and abrasive particles. These particles produce a massage and cleansing of the epidermis from the impurities of the dead old cells, sebaceous secretions. Sugar crystals serve such abrasive elements, and the various ingredients as a basis to help cope with the problems of all skin types.

Anti-cellulite scrub with sugar

"Orange peel" on the hips, buttocks, orstomach very upsetting any woman. We are ready for any cosmetic procedures in the hope to get rid of it. But the most important components of such a miracle - an intensive massage and regularity. At home, sugar body scrubs perfectly replace expensive salon treatment, providing the most luxurious skin care.

The composition of a simple anti-cellulite scrub:

1. Sugar (white or brown) - 0.5 cups;

2. Vegetable oil, better olive - 0, 5 cups;

3. Spices, reinforcing anti-cellulite effect - 1 tsp..


Spices can be used a variety of the best warming effect gives a red and black pepper, ginger, cinnamon.

Sugar body scrub recipe with ginger and honey

Ginger is permissible to use a dry powder, but gives the best result on a fine grater grated fresh root. Besides nutrients it provides additional heating and skrabiruyuschy effect.


Honey - one of the leading products ofcellulite, stretch marks, uneven skin. Rich in vitamin structure, minerals, enzymes, natural honey rejuvenate and stimulate the metabolic processes in the epidermis. Unique sticky-knitting structure is useful during a massage. Because when massaging the problem areas with honey is recommended in addition to rubbing movement a little pat on the skin of his palm.


• sugar;

• honey;

• ginger.

Products must take in equal parts, mix. Optionally add some essential oil (3-5 drops). Good fit any citrus oil, lavender, mint, bergamot.

Salt and sugar scrub in one of stretching

In addition to the exceptionally strong anti-cellulite effect this scrub helps to solve the problem of stretch marks. Salt and sugar together, with regular use, even capable of such miracles.


1. Sugar - 0.5 cups;

2. Salt (sea) - 0.5 cups;

3. Coffee grounds - 3-5 Art. l .;

4. Crude olive oil - 0.5 cups;

5. 1 capsule pharmacy oil solutions of vitamins A and E.

We are putting all the ingredients mix. Massaging the whole body, paying special attention to problem areas, elbows, knees. Copes means with calluses, corns on the feet. In places the stretch marks should act carefully, massaging lightly.


Be patient: no stretching, no cellulite will not go away for a week or two. You may need up to six months of weekly treatments, although the first change to the updated skin felt almost immediately. Tenderness, velvety full body pleasantly pleased after the first procedure.

"Bounty" for the whole body - scrub with cocoa and coconut

This anti-aging sugar scrub for face and body composition and smell - a real chocolate bar. Its ingredients nourish, moisturize, tone up tired skin, restore its elasticity.


1. Mix sugar and cocoa powder in the ratio 2: 1.

2. Add 1 part coconut.

3. In the resulting dry mixture pour 1 part of melted coconut (almond, olive) oil, mix well.

4. Optionally, add cinnamon or vanilla.

From the magical smell you guaranteedrise up. After applying the massage, leave a treat on the skin for a few more minutes for intense action. Silkiness, softness, its subtle flavor long after the procedure will be reminded of this accessible and yet it is "paradise" enjoyment. Repeat the procedure, you can at home when he wants.


Note! Scrub prepared for the future, it is acceptable to store in a closed container, not more than a week in the refrigerator.

Depending on the composition, the sugar crystals can persist or melt away. When sugar melts quickly lost skrabiruyuschy effect, and therefore means must be prepared prior to use.

Sugar scrubs for face

Excess sweets in the diet spoils the skin,increases its fat content, porosity. The use of the same externally can not hurt - sugar facial scrub does not cause allergies. Deep cleansing pores, polishing the surface of the skin, sugar, disinfects and helps to eliminate black spots, acne, wrinkles.

Fermented milk scrub for oily skin with sugar

As a basis for taking kefir, yogurt or yogurtwithout dyes, flavors, sweeteners. Sugar is added so as to obtain a thick mass. Skrabiruyuschih crystals must be greater than half of the total volume. Apply the product on the entire face by massaging gently, carefully handle problem areas: the place where the expanded pores, there are black spots, there is a greasy shine.

Sugar easily opens, cleans pores, penetrates deep into the skin, removes pimples, rashes, accelerates healing of the epidermis.

Oil Scrub for dry skin

For dry skin change on the basis of oil. Deeply moisturize and nourish the epidermis, is prone to drying out, such oil:

• Olive;

• cocoa;

• Grape seed;

• creamy.

Important! Do not use mineral face, baby oil. They clog the skin, depriving her of breath.

Preparing scrub in butter very quickly,apply it immediately. Softened, but not liquid, butter (1 tbsp. L.) Is mixed with the same amount of sugar. Immediately begin to massage the face, lips, neck and décolleté. It is enough to carry out the procedure for 5 minutes once a week to remove the peeling, nourish the delicate, dry skin.

Sugar Lip Scrub: freshness and nutrition

Most sugar facial scrub suit andfor the delicate skin of the lips. But sometimes it is useful to make the procedure separately. Lip often damaged skin but also recovers faster than other areas of the body. Because remove exhaust their layers of the epidermis is required more often. Homemade scrubs for lips, with good endurance, it is permissible to use every day.


In the formation of cracks, dry crusts good polish and restore the skin a special sugar scrubs for lips.

1. Take 0.5 hours. L. petroleum jelly and butter, mix.

2. Add the weight of 1 hour. L. Sahara.

3. Rub the scrub in the direction of the lip corners to the center.

4. Leave for a few minutes on the skin, rinse with warm water.

Massage solid particles scrub providesextra rush of blood, lips are bright, voluminous. To strengthen this effect can help a few drops of peppermint oil added to any sugar scrub for lips.

After the cleaning procedure is required to put on lip balm feed. On the skin of the lips do not have oil glands, the protective layer is not formed naturally. It will create a special balms, oils, creams.

Sugar Lip Scrub: increase volume

The use of spices in scrubs Lip strengthenswarming effect, and in the case of cinnamon adds a light lip color and flavor. Prepare a mixture of honey and olive oil, has turned to about a teaspoon, add 4 hours. L. cane sugar, 1-2 drops of cinnamon oil. Stir, put it in a small jar. So scrub easy to use as needed, taking it out of the refrigerator.

Do not apply the scrub on dry, chapped lips. Pre-soften the skin moist warm compress. Sugar promotes rapid healing of tissues, but it must be applied carefully, without too much pressure.

Sugar - a unique product in the homecosmetology. It is applicable to all areas of the body, suitable for long-term use in the treatment of deficiencies, as well as extra help to assist the tired skin of the face, neck, lips. Rapidly saturating the skin, restores its vitality and healthy appearance.

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