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Sugar paste shugaring - its production and use

Strange and unusual word "shugaring"It appeared in our everyday life relatively recently. The middle and older generations are unlikely to answer the question: "What is it?" But many young girls this question to a standstill not deliver. It comes from the English sugar (sugar) and is waxed with a specially cooked sugar paste.

At all times, perfectly smooth skin was consideredthe main component of female attractiveness. Belle came up with a variety of methods to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the feet or hands. Besides sparing methods (fat hippo, turtle oil) there were quite radical measures (arsenic, a red-hot rod).

Shugaring in this series stands apart becausethat is not only effective, but also relatively pleasant method of hair removal. Its discovery is credited to two Egyptian queen - Nefertiti and Cleopatra. But one of them did it first, it does not matter, the main thing that the technique is still alive, and has a modern beauties helps maintain its beauty.

The first acquaintance with the sugar epilation

Procedure for shugaring is to remove unwanted hair with the help of a thick syrup. Apply it on the problem areas of the body after it has cooled, and then removed together with the hairs.

The principle is strongly reminiscent of the well-known waxing, but it has some advantages over them:

  • low cost - all necessary ingredients are affordable to any woman;
  • gippoalergennost - uses only natural ingredients, the complete absence of chemical additives;
  • minor trauma - removes only the hair, the skin cells are not injured;
  • lasting effect - removes hairs from the root, which means that the skin remains smooth for a long time;
  • nourishing effect - in the final mixture contains large amounts of vitamins, help with epilation simultaneously nourish and soften the skin;
  • Simplicity of realization - can be carried out not only in the beauty parlor, but also at home.

Sweet paste for hair removal - are preparing themselves

A mixture of sugar for hair removal can be purchased, orif you want you can cook in the house, that is, in rough conditions. Be prepared for the fact that even if you strictly adhere to the recipe, the first time you can not turn.

Do not worry, a skill sure to come, but forThis may require several attempts. Therefore, before the first self-cooking, we suggest you buy ready-made pasta to then be able to compare your results with the purchased.

shugaring Pasta is easy to prepare at homeconditions: 10 Art. spoons of sugar, water - and a tablespoon of juice squeezed from half a lemon. All mix well in an enamel pan and put on a very small fire.

The mixture should be brought to a boil, and cook for about 4 minutes, at the same time do not forget to stir it continuously.

Remove from heat and put to cool. The resulting paste shugaring should have a brownish-golden color, pleasant caramel flavor and thick consistency. You can add 5 drops of essential oils optionally in the finished paste.

In some cases, the preparation according to the recipesweet paste shugaring can be changed to make it entirely without lemon, but that if, for example, in the area of ​​the bikini is very delicate skin. cooking technique remains the same, only instead of a lemon, add a teaspoon of honey.

Immediately after cooking pasta very different from the store, take the necessary consistency, it is in the process of cooling.

Rules of procedure

If you are not familiar with this procedure, the firsttimes better to do it in the cabin. Beautician will tell you what toothpaste is right for your hair type. It is necessary, in case if you do not want to cook it yourself, and prefer to buy in the store.

Purchase paste has quite good reviews, and industrial cooking pasta recipe shugaring little different from home.

Important: that everything went smoothly and without any negative consequences before the procedure, your skin should be good to steam!

A small piece of paste in a good mash3 minute hands and roll into a ball. Apply it to the skin, press and start to smear the direction opposite to hair growth. Then pull it sharply, but along hair growth.

If necessary, repeat the procedureon the same site. Sometimes, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is required to make up to 4 times. If you had the feeling that the ball has become a paste to stick to the fingers, it is necessary to replace it with another.

At the end of this manipulation, washsugar residues warm water mixture. In no case do not take just a hot shower or bath - skin should calm down a little. Prohibited in this day and great exercise because the sweat secreted may cause irritation of the skin is already injured.

For women who want to first try to imagine the sugar hair removal, a natural question arises: "Does it have any contraindications?" No, it does not.

The only obstacle to this may be,Only if a woman is ill with diabetes. During epilation, sugar, albeit in small amounts, but in human blood it penetrates through the pores. Healthy body no danger threatens, and the patient may experience a complication.

A few tips

Do not perform hair removal in the bathroom, there are too stuffy and paste will stick to the hands, and therefore does not fulfill its main function;

This hair removal is suitable for short hair most of all, the hair is longer than 5 mm, it becomes painful. Long hair is best to first just cut;

In the process of depilation skin becomes oily, which is impeding, so it must be constantly to dry with a towel or talc.

We figured out how to cook pasta properly forshugaring, and how to use her. We hope you are convinced that it is quite easy - a little bit of practice and patience, and your smooth skin will appreciate the surrounding!

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