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Strobing - a new trend in make-up

While Kim Kardashian popularized aggressivesculpting that paints a "new" person on the catwalks relied on makeup in the art strobing - on the natural radiance of the skin. Small bright patches on the cheeks, smooth skin tone - and the model looks like he has just returned from a holiday. This trend was supported by Kate Bosworth, Taylor Hill, Gisele Bundchen.


Today strobing almost completely supplanted contour makeup. He is able to transform the girl, making her features more expressive, just 10-15 minutes.

Advantages of the Technique Strobing

Strobing - technique of correction of the face with the help ofHaylaytera or light radiant powder. This make-up technique does not imply the drawing of facial features. The purpose of this kind of makeup is to arrange the right accents, visually increase the lips, raise the cheekbones, make the nose visually narrow, and the eyes expressive.

Another undeniable advantage is the strobing - the properly applied highlighter gives the person a seductive moist shine that has nothing to do with glimpses on the oily skin.

For correction, it is not necessary to have even brushes - you can perfectly blend the tool with your fingers.

How to choose the color and texture of highlighter

Highlighter and shimmering powder with cream and liquidThe texture is more suitable for stroking, since with their help a moist radiance effect is achieved. But the cream and liquid texture is suitable only for dry, normal and flaky skin. For oily skin, experts advise combining crumbly high-tech for the T-zone and cream for all other areas of the face.

To maximize the effect of the glow,Some makeup artists applied funds with different textures on each other. But in real life makeup technique strobing you enough to use the right one for your skin highlighter.

Regarding the choice of color, then choose the skin pale pink shades for olive and dark skin - the color "champagne", for dark - terracotta tones.

Strobing - how to place accents correctly

strobinga Technique - Step 1


Before placing accents,Align the face with the help of tone matt tonal framework. All pimples and redness have perfect disguise, or makeup in the art strobing lose its charm.

strobinga Technique - Step 2


Apply the selected tool or a special brusheven the fingers on the selected area in the figure. Strobing according to a Hollywood makeup artist Hoon Veyngo should be carried out with light circular movements to get a "flash of light", not blurred line.

strobinga Technique - Step 3


Carefully Shade - a basic rule strobinga. It is better to take less highlighter so you will achieve a barely noticeable skin glow, not turn a person into the oil pancake.

The first attempts to make a make-up in this technique is to take the day in natural light. So, seeing the glare of sunlight on the skin, you will understand how should look like the end result.

Why should the technique of Strobing be mastered by every girl?

The undeniable advantage of this makeup is that itIt returns the skin a natural sheen that forever hides foundation. And women with oily skin may not have to worry about what will look ridiculous - the elusive wet shine only add face grooming and will look very tempting.

Obviously another advantage: if you practice a few times in your spare time, then in the morning you can get the perfect color of the skin in just 10 minutes, while sculpting away more than an hour.

Strobing give your face lightlifting effect, without depriving it of its natural, therefore it can be used even in the daytime make-up. So postpone dark bronzers, killing the beauty of the natural radiance of the skin. Now in vogue strobing, allowing correct facial features almost imperceptibly.

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