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Stone therapy: how to relax

Stone therapy - it is an excellent treatment for relaxation and wellness. The principle of this procedure is based on the application of hot and cold stones to various biologically active points.

What stones are used?

Interestingly, alternating hot and cold stones black white during the procedure. Stones for stone therapy, too, are different. For example, to use only heat volcanic rocks.

The most popular mineral in this caseIt considered basalt, because it heats up rather quickly and slowly gives warmth. This means that the session will not have to interrupt because of the fact that the stones have cooled down ahead of time.

As you can see, in this case, the stone stone strife, so that selecting kits, do not forget to ask about the selection criteria on the Internet.

Marble and other soft rock used tocold stones. Their peculiarity is that they quickly cool the skin surface, without bringing with it damage. The very meaning of the procedure is that with the impact of the temperature difference on the different acupressure points is relaxation and relaxation.

Stone therapy: testimony

This method is a gift to mankind. Especially in a time when chronic fatigue and constant stress every day destroy our nervous system.

By the testimony of such a procedure could be considered:

  • Constant headaches or migraines;
  • Chronic low blood pressure. Attention! Use this method to increase the pressure only after consultation with your doctor;
  • Mental and physical exhaustion;
  • Depression, stress, apathetic state;
  • Problems with sleep;
  • Low immunity.

Of course, in the case of low immunity orchronic diseases such therapy can be used only as an auxiliary means. Do not think that the treatment of stones - a panacea. If you have some serious disease, then you should turn to professionals who will be able to make a diagnosis and prescribe an effective medication. But stone therapy for the body, you can apply only if you allow the doctor.

Stone therapy: contraindications

It has such a therapy and contraindications. For example, in no case do not massage it with hot stones for those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. And the reason in this case is simple: under the influence of the temperature difference between the heart rate could significantly increase that may even cause a heart attack.

Also it is necessary to abandon this therapy to those whosuffering from skin diseases, cancer or infectious diseases, because your body's response to such experiments provide virtually impossible.

Do not use this method torehabilitation and pregnant women. Especially if the pregnancy is difficult. So if you want to calm nerves before giving birth by this method, it is better to look for some alternative.

Not worth the risk, and those with impaired circulation, because of the alternating hot and cold pebbles may have blood clots. And this is a direct threat to your life and health.

Sets for stone therapy: how to use them

If you purchased a special set, and dareto carry out such a relaxation session at home, then you should know about a few features of this procedure. The first thing worth considering - the process of heating the stones. Do not use this hot water or open flames. It turns out that on sale there are special heaters for stone therapy.

By the way, if you decide to spend a similarprocedure at home, it is better to ask someone to help you, because if you constantly bend, trying to put a stone on the right point, there is no relaxation you do not get.

Before starting the massage is required to pick upbeautiful meditation music to create a relaxing atmosphere. Also it is necessary to lubricate the skin a small amount of aromatic oils to enhance the effect of the procedure. Now the stones. The standard set for such therapy consists of 18 cold and 54 basalt stones, which are laid out along the spine.

If you have time, beforelay stones, it is desirable to make an easy relaxing massage. The stones from the set you need to warm up to 38-40 degrees and put on the back. At this temperature, the heat from the rock body extends into 4 centimeters.

One more thing: if you want to using stone therapy to treat any disease, then before to lay stones on the back, look atlas of acupuncture. With it, you can pinpoint where you are located the desired acupressure points.

It is also worth knowing that whatever good you have anyIt was set and how would you not carefully studied the principles of acupuncture, if therapy should be directed not to relax, and for treatment, should turn to a professional. Only he will be able to conduct the most effective therapy that can help you improve your health.

After the therapy session is not endedimmediately jump up from the couch and carried on his business. Remember to great effect is a little lie down in a relaxed posture. Can even a little meditation, tune in to a positive.

Now we need to say a few words aboutheater stones. In appearance, it resembles a small saucepan with a built-in timer. You simply fold it the right amount of stones and wait until they will warm up to the correct temperature.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in stone therapy. All you need is the desire to relax and have a set of special stones.

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