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Spring trend: lip makeup with the effect of piercing

Makeup artists offer to master a new technique that allows you to make the effect of piercing the lips without pain and punctures!


Lip makeup with piercing effect

In order to draw an earring on the lower lip, you will need two shades of lipstick


The first color is pretty standard: fuchsia, red, cherry or something like that.

The second color should be with the base contrast combination.


Lip makeup with piercing effect

For example, the color of the strip on the lip canTo coincide with a shade of a skin or to correspond with color of a make-up of eyes. Particularly bold draw this detail in green, yellow or blue, add sparkles to it.


Lip makeup with piercing effect

With this make-up, it's best not to neglect the lip pencil. Graphicity should appear everywhere: an even strip, imitating an earring, and a clear contour of the lips.

In combination with the expressive make-up of the restPart of the face (it can include pearlescent, shimmer textures, rhinestones, painting the skin), this way of lip design can be an excellent choice for a themed party. Imitation of the earring, combined with simple eye and eyebrow makeup, will suit your look-image in more everyday situations.


Lip makeup with piercing effect

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