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Smooth legs are always in fashion

Epilation arose a very long time. The first started doing hair removal in Rome and Greece. Services ordered the removal of the hair only the wealthy citizens, because ordinary people could not afford such an expensive pleasure.

Ever since the days of Cleopatra and Nefertiti beautyEgypt used to remove hair wax or plucked with tweezers. For this purpose were workers who did it. It went to Egypt that the smoothness of a woman's skin is considered a symbol of youth and purity. It is proved by historians that the first means for hair removal came up with the queen of Egypt Nefertiti Honey, herbs, sugar and wax. The analogy of this facility today - shugaring. This tool is fast, painless and long term removes unwanted hair on the body and the skin for a long time remains smooth and silky.

Later in Turkey appeared wax strips. Also in the Turkish bath when there were special rooms for hair removal.

When the country is led by Catherine de Medici, hair removal has become a not so popular, and during the reign of Victoria was altogether outside the law - it is prohibited to remove the hair on the body.

Revival of hair removal began in the twentiethcentury. Modern women can do hair removal procedures at home. For this purpose, modern epilators, shavers. Therefore, there are various depilatory creams. But the effect of the skin remains smooth for a long time and need to shave more and more often, and less frequently the appliance is used and the effect of smooth skin left on for a long time.

When removing hair razor is no discomfort whenonly to be cut, but very low efficiency compared with the instrument, as the appliance pulls out the hairs by the root. Most epilators have a massage brush to distract a woman from discomfort.

Hair removal is no longer just a female procedure. More and more men want to get rid of hair. Men, unlike women, need more times to pass the procedure, to the same area of ​​extensive hair growth.

What is the difference between waxing and hair removal?

In principle there is no difference. And that is another way to remove hair. Waxing is a temporary effect. Shave only the surface of the hair. When hair removal hair bulb is destroyed. Hair removal takes place forever, well at least until then, until it has a new bulb.


On a hit today is laser and enzymaticepilation. Remove the hair was almost painless. Every person, regardless of gender, has every right to be attractive. Sign a rule each month to make a visit to the beautician.

And do not forget, with what agony it all began. The beauty she is, requires sacrifice!

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