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Shining skin - how to make skin radiant

The skin, like any surface able to reflectlight, absorb it, and return a portion of the light back. This is called a healthy glow. To skin is well reflected light, it should be smooth. For the skin's natural radiance is important to the effective daily cleansing. It promotes skin cell renewal. The skin surface is smoother, consequently, shining, and color - healthy. Also important is competent care that moisturizes and smoothes the relief.

Do not confuse the radiance and shine. Bold shine, from which everyone wants to get rid of, is caused by excessive production of sebum, a glow like a dream to holders of dry matte skin and greasy - no one wants to have their skin was dull. The skin can become dull influenced by many factors, both internal and external - stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, unhealthy environment. Often, the skin becomes dull due to the fact that it is poorly updated. We need to help her.

Shining skin - deep cleansing and skin care

The efficiency of purification depend on two factors: correctly matched tool and method. Therefore, just a good gel or foam at all is not enough, especially now, when all the textures tend to make maximum durability. It is important to make regular deep cleansing facial peelings or special devices, such as Foreo LUNAor the Clarisonic, they provide effective and gentle cleansing, improve microcirculation, tightens pores, helps creams and serums to penetrate into the deeper layers. All this gives a healthy radiant complexion.


Use cream with collagen triple principlecollagen triple operation such that - large molecules remain on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture to evaporate, the average collagen "catches" and retains water molecules and micro-collagen just penetrates into the deeper layers, stimulating its own production of fibers.

Shining skin attached to the mask with grape extractand vitamin C. Take it 10 minutes, and enjoy the effect of which lasts all day. If you do such a mask once a week, the effect will be cumulative.


Radiance Skin & Makeup

Strobing - is a technique that focuses onthe light and creates a healthy glow, cosmetic products, which are able to enhance the natural volume of the face due to a lighter shade, reflective particles, shine, shine.

Choosing for textures strobing, primarilyguided by the type of skin and ease of use. Stick and compact version easy to apply. Popular Today cream and liquid texture suited to owners of dry and aging skin.


They are delicately applied and do not emphasize age-related changes. If skin is oily, use products with a dry powdery texture and apply a very thin layer.

Beauty with a light skin tone should payattention to the beige range. If you are the owner of a little tanned skin, the better will look bronze-beige and golden shades. Peach, gold and orange accentuate swarthy and very tanned skin.


How to make a strobing

Apply all over the face moisturizing primer or fluid effect lights.

On the projecting parts of the face and the area around the eyes, apply concealer. It should be two shades lighter than your skin tone. Thoroughly blend.

For maximum effect strobingUse cream Highligh. Apply him those areas of the face where the light falls. This upper part of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the tip of the chin, the forehead center, podbrovnogo arc and the area above the eyebrows, the inner corners of the eyes. Try to avoid the boundaries of makeup.

Now, apply a light layer of transparent powder on the face center, engage the forehead and chin. Well-researched area of ​​nasolabial folds - there should be no gloss.

Prefer matte lipstick. Chance of light pearl.

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