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Silicone banks against orange peel

There is a misconception that cellulite - itexclusively by obese women, who have little watching her figure. Absolute nonsense. In the world there are quite a number of women with a curvy shape and perfectly smooth legs. And almost as slender thin persons with obvious signs of cellulite formations not only on the thighs, and buttocks.

If the weight is not the basis for the appearance of uneven skin, then what's the deal?

Cellulite and its causes

Orange peel is a result ofdisruption to the main elements of the skin. The cells cease to divide between themselves and to provide products of metabolism. At the same time, they actively suck all the moisture, which is located nearby. This get fat cells. The longer this process continues, the more visually noticeable it becomes.

But there are many other factors that can help you become the owner of the orange peel:

hormonal disorders;

elevated levels of estrogen in the blood;

violation of the ovaries;

diseases associated with the thyroid gland and having an endocrine character;

a sharp decrease of the protein in the blood;

disturbance in the power mode, or insufficient content of vitamins and minerals in it;

a sedentary lifestyle, or, conversely, too much load on the legs;

stress, fatigue, and chronic sleep deprivation.

As you can see, more than enough reasons. It is therefore not surprising that with such a problem, as cellulite, is faced with each year more and more not only women but also men.

Methods for the treatment of cellulite

Today, there are many likecosmetic and folk methods of getting rid of the orange peel. This diversity emerged due to the fact that there is no one single correct method of struggle. Skin every person is different. Not the fact that the means which has helped a large percentage of people get rid of bumpy skin, it would be effective for you. Experts recommend not to limit yourself to only one way to fight, and to carry out a comprehensive treatment combining together different methods and medications.

The formulations may be applied only in the casewhen the violation is caused by a malfunction of thyroid or other hormonal character wears. Diet pills is always a risk, so they receive better not to start.

With regard to embodiments of methods, they are:

Wrapping. This method is considered to be one of the mostwidely used in the fight against cellulite. It can be used as a ready-made mixture to wrap and cook the cream or scrub yourself. Thanks to the greenhouse effect is better skin is cleansed of toxins and the normal process of blood circulation in problem areas will be restored faster. Another important advantage is the ability to independently perform these procedures at home, without the help of a cosmetologist;

Physical exercise. Even the usual walk at a moderate pace andduration 30 minutes, a few days will give visible results if run it regularly. Also, at the moment there are entire fitness program on study of flabby muscles of the thighs and buttocks. If you, for whatever their reasons, can not go to the gym, you can purchase themed drive or take the help of the Internet;

Food. Eliminate from your diet fatty, fried,smoked, salted, spicy foods and carbonated. If you have such bad habits such as smoking and the abuse of caffeine, from this too should be abandoned. Line up the proper metabolism to help the body to vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk products, fiber. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. In this process, the body will not experience a shortage of moisture, and the skin alignment process will go faster;

Massage. The youngest of the proposed methods, but no less effective in the fight against cellulite - massage is a silicone banks.

Silicone banks against cellulite: the secrets of Use

Cup massage is one of the most effectiveways to combat cellulite. Vacuum banks often made of a resilient material, when compressed air exits and a vacuum. This physical phenomenon provides good contact with the skin surface banks. the impact of such a method massager resembles a vacuum cleaner.

In this method can be profoundly affect onthe most distant body fat in the skin. The procedure is painful, so if you set up self-pity, the result will have to wait a long time. If you believe in yourself, then, before you start the procedure you need to clearly know how to use silicone banks of cellulite properly.

Before the procedure, take a shower and steam out skin. Then wipe dry and lubricate the body of essential oil. Take a comfortable position. After the bank will be on the body, do not hesitate, and then you are guaranteed to become the owner of a sufficiently large and painful bruise.

Your movements should be medium speed and very smooth. One direction, downwards.

The effectiveness of such treatments depends mainly on three factors:

  • At what stage is the cellulite;
  • how hard you are performing massage;
  • what additional control methods using.

Positive aspects of this massage:

  • method is simple self-fulfillment in the home;
  • is available at a price;
  • massage is enough for 15-20 minutes a day;
  • It does not require special training to the process, enough grease surface of the skin and massage cans.

Disadvantages of vacuum massage:

  • painful procedure. All bude depend on your pain threshold and the intensity of the procedure;
  • procedure is better to do in the summer. On the massaged areas may appear bruises, but it is not the best way affect the aesthetic perception of your body;
  • It is quite difficult to use banks in remote areas such as the buttocks.

It is no secret that the problem is easier to prevent than to fix its manifestation.

Prevention of orange peel

Physical exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is the main cause ofthe appearance is not only bumpy skin, but also such unpleasant diseases like hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Therefore, if you want to save not only the health of your skin, but also the whole body, using every opportunity to walk;

Balanced diet. Our skin - this is the general condition mirrorinternal organs. If our diet will include vitamins and minerals, as well as the solid milling cereals, they will soon start problems. If you want to look young and fresh, you need to build your diet in such a way as to maximize enrich it with vitamins and microelements. We should not forget that the body should be cleaned from time to time by the accumulated toxins. To do this, gastroenterologists, doctors recommend the use of solid grinding cereals and freshly squeezed fresh juices;

Massage. Of course, not every woman can affordMe such pleasure as spa treatments. The case may not be so much in the financial side of the issue, but in a banal lack of time. It is to such excuses and uses most of the fair sex. And in vain! Himself should love. Of course, professional massage, it is not cheap, and not everyone has the time to implement it. As a counterpart to this, you can perform impromptu massage treatments at home on their own. All it would require is a tough brush and aroma oils. This massage can be performed every day during the morning or evening shower;

Sauna. Unlike massage here analoguesprovided. But by making a visit to the bath or sauna mandatory procedure at least once a month, you will not only reduce the risk of orange peel on the body, but will render invaluable service to his circulatory system.

In any case, we must remember that to prevent the appearance of skin hilly much easier than to seek a remedy for its treatment.

Follow the above recommendations, and your skin will always be in good shape, and you in a good mood.

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