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Shilajit against stretch marks

The problem of the appearance of stretch marks is familiar to manywomen. Most often, they are formed in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. These ugly scars on the body can spoil the appearance of even the most well-groomed lady. The reasons for the emergence of unpleasant grooves may be several: pregnancy, sudden loss or weight gain or lack of collagen. To eliminate this disadvantage, women spend a lot of time and money.

All sorts of expensive masks in fashionsalons, imported creams that do not bring no effect, forced to give up. Against this background, can develop many complexes: the reluctance to show his body during affinity and embarrassment to undress on the beach brought women to nervous breakdowns.

What to do and where to look for a way out of this situation?

Cream with mummy of stretching will help to solve the delicate problem of getting rid of stretch marks.

Shilajit - excellent natural remedy, which was used in ancient times for the treatment of various diseases, its use in our time also undeniable.

What is a mummy

This is a unique tool which is composed of: rocks, resins, animal excrement,

small particles and about 30 plants biologicallyactive components. The main benefit to the person microcells that are part of mummies are iron, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, nickel and various amino acids.

This homogeneous dark brown mass has a peculiar odor and bitter taste. Most of the eastern elixirs are prepared using this magical means.

Shilajit - improves elasticity of the skin, enriches itvitamins, has excellent recycling properties. That is why the mummy of stretch marks is used as a preventative and therapeutic agent, which can be very easy to cook at home.

Homemade recipes for creams with mummy

Home remedy for stretch marks is very easy with the mummy being prepared and has a fairly long shelf life.

This natural medicine can be purchased in virtually every pharmacy in the form of tablets or capsules.

The classic recipe: in a small bowl, squeezed 100g. baby cream. 2-4 c. mummy, must be dissolved in a small amount of purified water and added to the cream. Cooked means to shift in a small jar and store in the refrigerator (3-4 months). The cream is applied daily, rubbing into the skin massaging movements in 15 minutes;

The cream with the addition of essential oils: recipe similar to the first, but in the end you need to add essential oil, has anti-cellulite properties (orange, rosemary, lavender). In addition to reinforcing its anti-cellulite effect, essential oils are able to neutralize the unpleasant smell mummy;

Oil Cream: since tablets are not dissolved in the oil, they must be diluted in a small amount of clean water (may be mineral) and then adding peppermint oil and rose. On 1 tablet means necessary 1 st. oil spoon.

How to get rid of the smell

If you have acquired a quality mummy, itIt will have a rather unpleasant smell peculiar to the mountainous resin, which quite difficult to get rid of. To help bring your means of stretching a mummy pleasant fragrance, can essential oils.

Adding to the cooked weight a few drops of your favorite essential oil, you will not only get rid of the peculiar smell, but betray their skin a pleasant aroma.

How to apply the cream for stretch marks

The prepared cream with mummy of stretch marks should beapply on clean and well-steamed the skin. Ideally, you should dial the bathroom and thoroughly cleanse the body with scrubs and washcloths.

In this case, nutrients and trace elements, quickly absorbed into the skin. Apply the cream should be massaged in a clockwise direction.

The procedure should take about 15 minutes. until completely absorbed cream.

Applying the cream during pregnancy

Use the mummy of stretch marks during pregnancy is recommended 2-3 times a week. This will improve the elasticity and tone the body, will make less visible already existing stretch marks and prevent the emergence of new ones.

Since the mummy contains enough activebiological agents, it is not recommended to use the whole period of pregnancy. Before using the mummy of stretching should consult with your doctor, who can say for sure whether you can use this tool in your particular case.

Tips on using the cream for stretch marks

Usually within 1 month of regular use of the cream with the mummy of the stretch marks will be visible positive effect.

But if you want to speed up the process and make nasty scars on the body less noticeable or even get rid of them at all, follow the simple and effective rules:

If your cream after storage became watery, do not panic. It is necessary to change the brand used a cream or reduce the component of the mummy;

If you want to achieve as quickly as possibleresults, apply therapeutic mixture 2 times a day (after a shower). The tool is absolutely natural, has no contraindications and can not harm your skin (the exception - the personal intolerance of components);

It will help to accelerate the healing effect specialmassage roller. With it, you can increase the blood flow to the skin, thereby to increase the absorbability of the drug. Massage is contraindicated carried out on the abdomen of pregnant women;

Nursing mums are not recommended to apply the product to the breast area, so it could not get into the mouth to the baby;

It is not recommended to take a shower or bath for 4 hours after application of therapeutic mixture;

If, after using the mixture remained dark spots on the skin, can be easily removed using lemon juice or makeup remover;

Dark spots on the cream on the clothes and underwear wash out with a mixture of soap and lemon juice.

Beauticians are advised to use the mummy of stretch marks, in combination with peeling. This speeds up the time extensions will disappear and the skin will be perfectly smooth.

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