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Self depilation: get rid of the hairs on the abdomen

Oriental men seriously consider vegetationon the women's tummy sign of sensuality and sexuality. The Slavs, this phenomenon is considered to be a defect with which the fair sex desperately struggling to overcome the time of puberty. Of course, suffer from it, not all, but many of the girls. Why grow hateful stomach hair?

The reasons for excessive hairiness

This stems from the eastern blood, geneticpredisposition, hormonal changes, age changes. "Natural" problem common in girls with white skin and contrasting dark hair.

We do not know what exactly linked the growth of unwanted hair in the abdomen in your individual case but for sure aware of the best ways to deal with excessive vegetation.

European men claim that in a woman's stomach does have a kind of charming, magical, bewitching power.

We (women) is often not completely satisfied with the appearance and condition of the body. So she stuck out, it is too flat, the flabby, the cellulite, it is covered with stretch marks, then ... bristles.

The hair on his stomach - not the best setting forgentle female torso, is not it? Moreover, in this part of the body they are particularly rough, hard and dark. "How to remove hair on the belly" - perhaps this thought every woman who deliberately came to this page.

Like, everything is easier than ever: You can shave, remove the laser, photoepilation destroy, to eliminate the wax, sugar or banal tweezers, discolored, in the end! But modern ladies try for sure to explore all aspects of each of the methods before resorting to it. And quite rightly come.

Particularly noteworthy are the hair growing onthe abdomen during pregnancy. This happens quite often, and comes amid a general surge in the hormone in the body. Hair grows, and "and want, and prickly" to remove them at home, because any invasion of a sacred place of residence kid makes the newly-made mother natural panic.

For women "in position" naturally unsuitablechemical methods and all kinds of exposure, so they recommended the use of classical methods of elimination of vegetation - tweezers, wax, clay.

Good old tweezers

Regardless of why hair grows on yourstomach, with them will help you to cope "old" tweezers. Do not become discouraged hopes up: This method is relevant only for those girls whose "fluff" in the navel grows a rare and delicate.

Phased plucking every hair - the processlong, time-consuming and painful. However, the technique is able to save the lion's share of your money and time to visit the salon procedures.

How to remove hair with tweezers on her stomach?

If the height of your pain threshold plunges youhorrified at the thought of such a "barbaric" hair removal method, we recommend that you get ointment anesthetic components. The most common option - "Emla";

Rasparte skin in the bathroom. Since hair is removed easily and painlessly;

Apply the treatment area with a cream or petroleum jelly, a good massage it;

Start process "strip" from the top down, quickly removing hairs;

After the procedure, lubricate the area of ​​anti-inflammatory lotion.

"Affordable" lightening hair

on the belly hair of beautiful women can beeliminate not only by plucking, but through clarification. Of course, since the hair will not disappear entirely, but for some time it will be virtually unnoticeable prying eyes. And all you need for this - a three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution, which, even in the most expensive pharmacy will not cost more than 100 rubles.

To lighten your hair in the abdominal area, follow these steps:

  • Get 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration;
  • You will also need cotton pads;
  • Making appliqué need daily for 5-7 minutes, applying a drive richly dipped in a solution to the treated area;
  • Now that you know how to discolorthe hair on the abdomen. After 3-4 days of such manipulations, hairs visibly brighten and begin to break down. A week later, they will be almost completely invisible.

How else to lighten hair on the belly?

  • If your skin is very tender, and you're worried about her future condition after daily exposure to peroxide, try to do otherwise. Mix peroxide with shaving foam in a ratio of 1: 1;
  • Apply to damp skin in the desired steaming abdomen;
  • Allow 20-25 minutes;
  • Liberally flush the treated area with running water without using soap;
  • Blot with a towel or cloth, apply a rich cream.

The third way:

  • Mix? tsp ammonia, shaving foam and peroxide until smooth. It is desirable that the weight was not too fluid;
  • Grease lightening place resulting substance;
  • Allow no more than 10 minutes;
  • Rinse with warm water without the use of a gel;
  • Wipe with a towel and brush with cosmetic oil.

After all the procedures with the use of peroxide,subject to its correct implementation, lighter hairs on 2-3 pitch. However, please note - too dark, almost black, and red hair brighten much more complicated than brown or brown. Much depends on the structure of the vegetation: the harder it is, the harder it will be given to the process.

Council. Even in an "emergency" aid not to use the razor. Your hairs on the abdomen will become more dark and stiff after the first shave. Over time, they will grow more and deal with them will be nearly impossible. Do not use this method. It is better to choose an alternative to - home epilator.

Cabin treatments

In addition, there are professional home methods performed in beauty salons:

Laser hair removal;


Shugaring (sugar hair removal);

The wax removal.

All of these procedures must be carried out under the supervision of specialists, in a clean and with the necessary antiseptics.

If you're determined to get rid of hair on the abdomen, follow these simple guidelines, and you are guaranteed obzavedetes smooth part of the body.

Incidentally, all the methods mentioned in the article can be applied to all areas of the body. We wish you health and beauty, which nothing can stop!

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