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Secrets of Indian oil massage

Abhyanga - an Indian oil massagethe body, including the scalp, face, and even ears. Its impact on health can not be overestimated, it returns the body flexibility, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, soothes the nerves and helps to find inner harmony.

Indian massage - an ancient technique for health and beauty

The ancient practice has millennia of experience of this unique manual techniques that massage master performs according to the Vedic conception of the structure of the physical and subtle body.

If the energy balance in the body is broken,having the disease, fatigue, bad mood, man looks exhausted and loses its appeal. To deal with ailments of old preferred the exact impact on the vital points on the body.

For a description of Indian buttered massageIt requires a special term "Marma". Marma - which are small areas or points on the body at the skin level, for energy which was restored to normal thanks to the combination of warm oil and a touch of experienced hands of a masseur.

Effect of Indian oil massage Abhyanga:

  • It relaxes and helps the body to rejuvenate tired;
  • prolongs youthfulness of the body - the skin, joints and muscles;
  • eliminates eye fatigue, improving visual acuity;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • improves sleep;
  • It has beneficial effects on the body's defenses;
  • normalize hormones;
  • It helps cope with stress, and stress.

The Indian massage technique used movements such as stroking and pressing.

The impact and technology is selected for each individual and depends on the body constitution:

  • asthenic, slim build - light traffic calming;
  • normastenicheskoe, average - refreshing, medium depth, with grinding;
  • hypersthenic, overweight - deeply penetrating, active massage with tweaks.

Selecting carnival composition

Indian Ayurvedic massage is performed with the use of vegetable oils. It can be a pure oil or fat composition with the addition of several fatty ester.

The oil mixture was heated before usein a water bath to a comfortable temperature and applied in various quantities - a few drops on each body portion or pour a thin jet as needed.

In ancient times, along with the oil used talcor pea flour, if the skin is very oily. Now there are high-quality cosmetic powders for this purpose with useful substances in the composition - herbal and mineral components, and care for oily skin prone to rashes.

Sensitive, irritated skin is also nottakes a lot of oil, it has to be a moderate amount or replacing cosmetic gel. After the procedure the skin becomes soft, velvety, moist, healthier thanks to valuable properties of oils and healing effects of manual massage. The most frequently used olive oil or sesame oil, or coconut sometimes cocoa.

Indian head massage

This practice can be part of a great massagethe entire body or be used separately for a quick relaxation and restore mental balance. Massaging certain points of the head is a means of being correct with fatigue, emotional overload, stress, unstable mood.

Description technique involves a circular lightmovement and pressure. Thus, the point in the area where the newborn is fontanelle, need to vigorously rub in a circle with a few drops of facial oil (lighter than the body, such as peach or grape seed). The point behind the ears is enough to press a little to stimulate lay there Marmi.

Indian massage of the face perfectly removestiredness and irritation, and its side effects - skin tightening and contour that women are often interested in much more than the balance of invisible energies.

To quickly "tighten" the face, enough three receptions.

Lubricate the fingers cosmetic oil for the face and make the following motion:

"Scissors" from the index and middle fingers to swipe across the line pressure from the chin to each ear 3-4 times;

forefinger easily push the hole on the upper lip for 5 seconds, repeat 3-4 more times;

ring fingers press the point in the middle of the zygomatic bone, count to 5, and draw a line to the temples, slightly shifting the skin and tissue upwards and outwards, repeat twice more.

If you feel that the skin of the face and warmeda little tingle and feel a change in emotional state (left accumulated irritation has become happier, as if the face brightened) - so everything is done right.

Daily treatments for the whole body or just the head for 10-14 days will return to you and well-being, and your natural freshness and beauty.

Do not forget that this practice exists inform of self-massage, so that you can master it simple techniques and pamper yourself at a convenient time for you and at home. We wish you a good feeling and a good mood after such a procedure!

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