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Few people know how miraculousalgae, and what effect they have runaway. What you first need to know? This is something that seaweed wrap is one of the kinds of anti-cellulite treatments.

And this is not surprising, because this procedure has several advantages:

Improves skin condition - it tightens and improves the elasticity, smoothes and makes

the skin smooth and radiant health;

It improves metabolism;

Removes excess fluid between the cells, thereby reduces swelling;

It relieves fatigue, especially when applied topically.

Despite the strong anti-cellulite effect, ifyou connect them with massage, also aimed at getting rid of cellulite, the desired result will be much faster after the first set of procedures, you will see changes.

Types wraps

Wraps algae are of the following types:

Cold wraps - they are used for specific areas of the body, if you want a local impact, to relieve swelling or fatigue, or improve circulation at a specific site;

Hot wraps are used all over the body, they help in the fight with the hated cellulite;

There is a third method, which is much betterIt fights cellulite and improves skin elasticity - a contrasting wraps. First, a certain part of the body are put hot water plants, and then in the same area of ​​the algae mask is applied to the cooling effect.

Few people willing to douche, but from such a procedure can hardly refuse, moreover, it is impossible not to note the visible effects already after the first procedure.

When seaweed after the first timeyou will notice how your centimeters decrease. Typically, these numbers are from 2 to 5 cm, regardless of what is at stake: the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. And if you do this procedure in the hammam, you will have an unforgettable double effect.


Algae wrapping made up of a mass of useful trace elements, but contraindications, despite their utility, yet there:

Status chills or fevers;

Severe forms of diabetes and hypertension;


Various cancers, thrombosis, ulcers;

Have wounds, rashes or abrasions, as well as immediately after hair removal;

Laminaria wrapping especially rich in iodine, so if you have an allergy to iodine, the wraps also can not be done.

And of course pregnancy - one of the first contraindications.

Do not think that you can make wrapsOnly in SPA salons, of course, much nicer when you do such procedures, and you get the pleasure, but the home is quite possible.

How do seaweed wrap at home?

Perform seaweed wraps at homeconditions need to clean skin, or better yet, if it is immediately after a bath or sauna, as through the open pores of the best will penetrate useful microelements.

That is why such a procedure in the spa andbeauty salons do in the hammam or sauna. One should keep in mind that depending on the type of wraps, algae are prepared in different ways. Cold wraps them must soak for 2-3 hours at a water temperature range of 18 to 20 degrees. But when hot wraps for half an hour at a temperature of from 36 to 38 degrees. The amount required is calculated from algae proportions of 100 grams per 1 liter of water.

Of course, you can buy ready-made masks from seaweed, but do not expect them to little effect.

By itself, the procedure is simple wraps:

Cooked kelp apply on the skin and on top of film are wrapped, can food. This is necessary not only to achieve the effect, but also in order to avoid contamination of kelp around.

Ready algae are not very nicelook and smell, and, of course, if you make them at home, and do not use ready-made, the consistency they will not be uniform, they are slippery and fluid.

If you use the spa services or othersalon, then you should know in advance that this is a very expensive procedure, of course at home, it will cost half the price, but sometimes you can pamper yourself. Fond wraps, as well as other cosmetic procedures, should not be.

It is enough to do them again, but with a strong desire 2-3 times a week, making them more likely to sense net.Zhelaem you to be beautiful and healthy!

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