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Saggy breasts: get rid of cosmetic defect

Lush form - the dignity of every woman. That is why so upset and worry women when they discover that their breasts sagged. The opinions of men about what should be part of this woman's body apart, like some magnificent forms, others - small, but certainly not a single representative of the male, who would like sagging breasts.


Women are faced with this problem, ashamed of their body, so all sorts of ways to try to return to its former shape.

Causes of sagging

Sagging breasts, as well as in other areas of the skin of the body, for example, the eyelids, known in medicine as "ptosis".

There are several reasons for this state of sagging breasts, among them experts call:

  • Gravity. It occurs as a result of gravity sagging breasts. There is only in women with a curvy shape, in this case, the presence of small breast is an advantage;
  • Muscle weakness and loss of skin elasticity due to aging of the female body;
  • The increase in breast during pregnancy and feeding the baby;
  • Atrophy of the breasts, which is influenced by hormonal changes during menopause.

To deal with these factors, it is very difficult tolead body in shape takes a lot of time and effort, so many women refuse to solve the problem. However, if you know why breasts sag in your particular situation, you can once again make it supple and attractive.

Very often ptosis observed immediately after birth,when a woman begins to feed the baby. Many nursing mothers breast droops, resembling an empty pouches that causes insecurity. If you belong to this group of women, you probably know that in this case the skin is thinning and sagging, and elongated nipples.

Another common cause ofunpleasant changes appearance is sudden weight loss. If we adhere to strict diets, it does not do special exercises aimed at correcting the mammary glands of them soon will be over.

This process is explained by the fact that milkgland largely composed of adipose tissue, especially when a woman curvaceous. When losing weight fat goes not only to the problem areas of the body - thighs, buttocks and stomach, but also to lose weight after the diet and breast.

An important role in the maintenance of the female portionbody in good shape to play properly selected bra. If in the wardrobe of a woman with a curvy shape is not supportive bra, most likely, it can not boast toned chest.

Ways to solve the problem

How to tighten sagging breasts - the main questionWomen faced with this problem. With the right approach to the return of former breast appearance can soon forget the unpleasant consequences of these changes. The most common way is to lift sagging breasts are the physical load on the pectoral muscles.

However, you should know that speciallydesigned exercises will help you to restore only the underlying pectoral muscles. The mammary gland is composed of glandular tissue and skin, so to increase its size or much to pull it through training activities impossible. In the treatment of ptosis and rapid effect do not give treatments such as massages, baths, masks, contrast shower, but you can restore skin firmness and elasticity of these actions.

If you have limp breasts after breast-feeding, or such changes under the influence of other factors, you should be patient and to carry out such procedures:

  • make masks and body wraps;
  • specially selected to perform physical exercises;
  • take spa treatments, work and for lifting collagen;
  • try mesotherapy and acupuncture;
  • perform manual and hardware massage.

It is known that regularly perform physicalExercise can not everyone, since it requires strict self-discipline. It is for this reason that the fair sex preference for the use of cosmetic means caring.

Women are confident that they can be used to holdcorrection of breast shape, strengthen and tighten them. It should be noted that this is very misleading. The maximum that you will get from the use of such cosmetics - a gentle skin care of the intimate areas of the body.

Physical exercises

Developed by a large number of exercises available to saggy breasts, their daily performance will help reduce the appearance of ptosis or even completely get rid of the cosmetic defect.

Perform these exercises:

  • Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. Bend your legs, slowly reach for the heels to the buttocks, at the same time, do not release the foot from the floor. Return to the starting position;
  • You are in the same position: lying on his back with his heels to the buttocks tightened. Try to 5 cm from the floor to tear the shoulders and buttocks. This exercise should only back and buttocks;
  • Lying on your back, arms out to the side, rest your palms on the floor and try to lift your chest;
  • Starting position is the same, only the hand is now let down by the head. Keeping his elbows on the floor, try to lift your chest;
  • A good effect is given push-ups. Optionally, to know how to do push-ups, we can kneel, stretch your hands on the floor, raise and lower your body.

Each exercise you need to perform 10-15 times over several approaches.

other methods

"Chest limp: what to do "- an urgent question, the answer to which can be found among the popular recipes. The nation is widely used infusion of hop cones, allowing to return the firmness and elasticity of the skin. In 250 ml of boiling water, take a spoonful of dried hop cones, put it in a thermos and soak for 4 hours. Take the infusion must be half a cup for 30 minutes before eating.

Douches - alternating hot and coldwater will increase blood circulation and it will improve the skin condition, save it from sagging. Procedure done several times a week. The jets of water direct to the problematic area of ​​the body and massage it in a circular motion for 15-20 minutes. The effect of this procedure is under the periodic change of temperature modes.

When the breasts sagged after childbirth, you can restore it by visiting beauty salons, where you will spend sessions of lifting and some other procedures.

How to avoid sagging?

It is known that it is easier to avoid problems than itthen decide. For these purposes will be useful prevention of ptosis. If you always keep the "regal bearing," You will not touch such a nuisance. Exactly holding back, chest will not appear wrinkles, prevents the normal circulation of the blood.


Follow these recommendations to experts, avoids cosmetic defect:

  • Avoid sudden weight loss, watch your weight;
  • Exercise regularly, putting the burden on the breast;
  • Use water massage;
  • Nourishes the skin of the intimate areas of the body, using special cosmetics;
  • Wear a supportive bra;
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the breast.

Watch your breasts regularly, pay attention to physical exercises and other methods of struggle with ptosis, and you do not have to suffer from this cosmetic defect.

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