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Rules of personal hygiene for women

Proper washing away - hygienic procedure,nuances that you need to learn from childhood. If you spend intimate hygiene is not true, there is a risk to bring in organs of the reproductive system infection or disrupt the harmonious balance of microflora.

As women wash properly: general advice

To maintain health and a sense of comfort, women stick enough just a few rules:

Since the girl to wash correctly requireswithout drying the vaginal area, it is better to use during the procedure a special tool with a neutral pH. They are usually made in the form of gels that maintain the integrity of an acidic environment, moisten the mucous membranes and prevent the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms;

It is not recommended to use a soap thatIt leads to a reduction in acidity of the vagina and provokes multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. If used regularly for cleaning the soap, women's health in the intimate sphere is seriously threatened;

Getting to the procedure, after thoroughly washing their hands. Otherwise, germs and dirt located on the surface of the skin of hands, can be caught in the vaginal area;

Only need to wash with warm water, ascool water is often the cause of inflammation. Hygiene intimate organs passes through movement in a direction away from the pubis to the anus, except for getting an infection from the anus area;

Running water also should not be used as stream almost washes useful microorganisms adversely affecting the microflora of the vagina;

When mastering the rules of how to properly wash,live healthier and more comfortable will help small caveat - you should never carry out the procedure with the help of sponges. Required items of hygiene, cleaning the skin surface well, injure delicate mucous membranes. Tiny sores are open gates for infection control. Even when processing bast bikini zone, you need to perform the procedure with the utmost care;

After the procedure, the genitals get wet soft,absorbs moisture with a towel. It is better to have a special towel for intimate areas, which should be washed frequently and always iron iron to remove pathogens and make the soft tissue;

To reduce the probability of yeast infection can beuse herbal infusions. Excellent antibacterial effect has a simple chamomile. Procedure as chamomile wash properly, is no different from the usual care. It is necessary to properly prepare the infusion. The container with chamomile, taken in the amount of tablespoons, pour a glass of boiling water. After a quarter of an hour the infusion is ready. After the procedure, the genitals to rinse with water is not required;

After sex, and before him also must performhygienic procedure. Of course, many may cite the example of Napoleon, who, before the end of the campaign sent letters to Josephine with the requirements cease to bathe, as her scent excited him enormously. But sometimes even the woman herself could hardly carries its own intimate flavor. In addition, during sexual intercourse and vagina nepodmytoy again increases the risk of infection;

It is especially important when using contraceptive candles properly wash girls, because the efficiency of resources is reduced, for example, if you apply the usual soap;

Often you can hear people's advice on how toright after sex to wash. For example, it is recommended to stick his hand in the vaginal area almost to the cervical and thoroughly flush out the sperm and natural selection in directing a second hand jet of water. I would like to note that this barbaric method facilitates pathogenic microbes the way to the reproductive organs.

When such a "hygiene" is easily injuredmucous, washed useful microflora, recorded microbes in the region very close to the uterus. The only correct method, as a substitute for the woman inside is douching.

The nuances of intimate hygiene during pregnancy

When any child-bearing womanfaced with some discomfort, caused by changes in the figure. In addition, infectious processes threaten not only the health of the expectant mother, but also the developing fetus. Therefore approach procedure should be particularly careful.

First of all, you need to take care of the presence of a special bench that can be put into the bath. If this is not possible, wash better in the prone position.

It is not necessary to perform the procedure, sitting on the edge of the bath, as in pregnancy proper caving must be carried out taking into account the probable risks.

The woman in the later stages nice, but quite clumsy and can easily lose your balance. It is better to cast aside modesty, and asked her husband to help with this uncomplicated but really a necessary reality.

Doctors constantly repeat how important it is to learnthe science of how to properly wash. Ideally, a woman should perform the procedure after each visit to a toilet cubicle. However, the absence of a bidet in the workplace often makes personal hygiene impossible.

In order to live comfortably and without fear of infection, it is recommended to carry a stack of wet wipes, which can be used to express the intimate hygiene.

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