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Remove stretch marks

On stomach skin during pregnancy is the mostsuffers from tension. Microscopic tears and cracks quickly zarubtsovyvayutsya connective tissue. This kind of fabric is not only externally but also in their functions.

Restore the skin in areas of educationconnective tissue is difficult, but possible. To do so, follow the program of body treatments, specifically aimed at the removal of stretch marks, and toning the body.

It is not easy, given that the woman after childbirthWe have to take care of the baby and bouncing back after the hormonal changes during pregnancy. The following are effective ways to remove stretch marks after giving birth and to restore the clear contours of the waist.

Hydration restores the protective function

The skin with stretch marks is suffering from dehydration,therefore the main elements of care - a hydration. The need for moisture issushёnnoy, lost skin tone suit cream with hyaluronic acid or a wrap with algae.

Moisturizes the skin should immediately after cleansing (shower,scraping). Daily use of moisturizer rejuvenates, heals breaks fibers and supports the production of collagen and elastin cells, responsible for the elasticity and tone.

Types of massage of stretching

The more elastic skin, the greater its ability to recover. Elasticity can be
achieve by doing hand massage or massage brush.

This will improve blood circulation, speed up the degradation of subcutaneous fat deposits and stimulates the rejuvenation of injured areas.

A simple way to massage: flick of the thumb and index finger to lift the skin, rolling and pinching her.

Perform be without jerks and strongpressings. Ten minutes of this massage in the day to restore the homogeneity of the skin and stretch marks umenisht. Improve blood circulation in problem areas as possible and using a massage brush with rounded bristles (not scratched), or a special massage gloves of loofah or horsehair.

As a result of stimulation of the accelerated developmentcollagen and elastin, necessary for the construction of new cells at the site of stretch marks and scars. Massage is always in the direction of the heart, from the periphery to the center.

Peeling for tissue renewal

Scrubbing or peeling frees the skin fromupper stratum corneum cells by removing them mechanically gentle way. The new young layer of skin cells become accessible to creams and wraps of stretch marks and the effect of their use has grown significantly. Use soft homemade scrubs need daily if it is included in the rate of removal of stretch marks.

For skin rejuvenation and regeneration at home is recommended:

  • salt peeling with oils;
  • sugar scrub;
  • scrub with ground coffee.

Large plus scrubs such that their mixture may be prepared from natural ingredients.

The smaller the particles of abrasive scrub, the better- Stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth accompanied by sagging skin and fatigue. Scrubbing too aggressively inflict harm - there will be micro cracks and peeling.

Strengthening the muscles accelerates the recovery process

Muscles support the skin, and thus strengthening themIt will help smooth out flabby areas, the affected stretch marks. In addition, well-warmed during exercise the muscles throughout the day actively nourish the skin through the blood vessels and capillaries of the system, improving the local food and elimination of toxins.

Mandatory exercises in the fight against stretch marks on my stomach - twisting lying and moderate stretching (stretching muscles of the body).

Vitamins to nourish the skin - inside and out

Sugar, animal fats and grains (cereals, pasta,bread) better to eat at lunch and in small quantities. But products that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin - vegetables, nuts and fruits - will make a wonderful breakfast and light dinner, giving the body vitamins (A, C, B), carotenoids and other substances needed by the body in the fight against stretch marks.

Stretch marks postpartum well to eliminatewith regular intake of vitamin E (tocopherol). This is a natural and very powerful antioxidant that can help repair any damage, even inveterate stretch marks.

Tocopherol perfectly valid as a part of gels, creams and oils that can be taken into account when buying a cosmetic product. These methods work well in combination, enhancing the effect of each other.

This helps the body to make the most of the vitamins and nutrients from food and through the cream or cosmetic oil.

Exercises for abdominal muscles, arms and legs helppull shape and lose weight, and regular wrap withdraw from the body toxins and wastes. Efforts to eliminate skin defects will necessarily be rewarded, but it is a long process that is highly dependent on the sense of purpose and self-discipline.

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