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Radiofrequency liposuction: a decent answer outdated surgical intervention

Despite all attempts appetizing "donuts"dictate the new fashion canon of female body harmony still holds a leading position in the list of requirements for women by society, men, and sometimes employers. Moreover, the fashion for thinness has acquired unprecedented proportions.

Hunger, fitness or ...?

Because excess weight made a real instrumentearnings: plastic surgeons offer surgery for the correction of forms, beauticians - hardware and injection procedures, nutritionists and trainers - lessons and workshops on nutrition, as well as the preparation of individual training programs.

But who among us would not want to find the perfect contours without effort and severe restrictions? Sometimes this desire situation is not in the banal laziness.

Women are engaged in hard physical activityand comply half-starved diet, as a result of not receiving anything other than general weight loss. But the notorious "problem areas", as a double chin, abdomen or ears apron breeches, tightly holding on to their "rightful" place.

Liposuction, or lipolysis - a revolutionary answer to all of the major difficulties for women with a figure.

Liposuction: Stages of progress

Classical surgical liposuction costsrelatively inexpensive, and in fact, with little need or desire, it can save money, any representative of the fairer sex. And many of us, without hesitation, would have done it, if not a serious "but".

Despite its effectiveness, operationalLiposuction involves a lot of side effects and complications. How to talk about it in a popular talk show! How many "victims" can even be observed among the "celebrities"!

In fact, surgeryIt involves extremely aggressive effect on tissue. For example, if you decide to get rid of fat in the abdomen, it applied small incisions through which the subcutaneous fat implemented a full large cannula.

The surgeon leads across the stomach area, systematicallyremoving the fat that is absorbed through the device in a special container. From his manual work depends on how "smooth" the effect. And it can handle, not every doctor. But the hilly parts of the body surface obtained after invasive liposuction - is not the most lamentable of her defect.

It happens that the wound is simply "not willing"heal, forming in its place the large pockets of purulent exudate. Such things simply can not be healthy, so it is very often causes very serious consequences, such as sepsis and other serious diseases.

Traditional methods for correcting externalweaknesses and figure modeling actively give way to cosmetology - minimally invasive and gentle. Modern scientific and practical developments in the field of aesthetic medicine focused on the comfort and safety of each patient.

Minimally invasive techniques almost completely replaced the standard operating. Today, every self-respecting surgeon tries to apply them to their customers, if there is such a possibility.

They are offered as a full-fledged alternative to surgical procedures, and they are often more effective than older counterparts.

Popular plastic surgeons say that the future of aesthetic medicine segment - uniquely for cosmetology.

Advantages of the procedure

Radiofrequency Liposuction Body Tite (Body Tite) - A new progressive procedure that combines the ease of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and the result of high-grade plastic surgery.

You can use it to achieve elimination of excess adipose tissue in any, even the most remote areas of the human body.

The first example - double chin. The formation of an unattractive double chin is not always exclusively affects obese people. It can occur even in astenikov, due to tissue deformation due to the incorrect posture. And no matter how hudey, however plagued by hunger themselves, neither labor in the gym - he is not going anywhere.

A similar situation concerns abdomen, especiallynulliparous women. It would seem so simple it was to "throw" the excess away to pregnancy ... But now lose weight all but hated apron. In all of these problems is able to adequately respond this procedure.

Removal of fat when it is absolutely painless,In addition, the device with which it is carried out, is intended to provide a visible lifting of the skin. Thus, referring to the method, you ensure not only the so longed for local slimming, but also tightening the skin at the site of sudden removal of fat.

The undeniable advantages of radio frequency lipolysis include:

Short and easy rehabilitation period;

Minimal trauma - hemorrhage virtually absent, and on the body after the procedure has not formed a hematoma, swelling and scarring;

Ability to handle "sensitive areas" - the chin and neck, face, inner thighs;

The comfort in the conduct;

A small number of contraindications;

Noticeable lifting the skin after removal of the fat from it;

Almost complete painless;

Speed ​​of execution;

The ability to start everyday affairs after only 1-2 days after liposuction, small limit physical activity and maintenance of their traditional way of life;

No need to stay in hospital under the supervision of a physician.

How is the procedure?

Apparatus for liposuction arrangedextremely simple: it includes the basic equipment, generating energy and a sensor with two electrodes between which the radio wave pulses actively circulates.

Settings are specified in the individual doctororder. He selects the desired mode and sets the option by using the control unit. If necessary, change itself nozzle. For example, when a radio frequency liposuction of the chin or cheeks, apply a small sensor, designed specifically for the processing areas of the face and neck.

When RFAL abdominal procedureCommunicator uses a standard "Body Tight", which is suitable for the treatment of any body part. The thinnest nozzle is used more for rejuvenation and face lifting. You can use it to handle its oval jaw area, and even the eyelids.

The whole procedure will not take you more than 1-1.5 hours time. Total holding time depends only on a specific area which will operate the operating surgeon.

Performing art involves the following steps:

  • The patient is located on the couch in a position corresponding to a specific treatment zone;
  • On the body is covered with a special gel that improves the communication process of the skin and soft tissue with the sensor;
  • If necessary, the surgeon provides the so-called "protective cushion" by injection of local anesthetic;

For the body is supplied sensor, and the doctor starts to drive them to the skin in their respective areas;

The internal electrode in contact with the lipid cells, effectively warms them, coagulates local capillaries and removes decay products;

"Melted" fat substance derived from the patient's body by natural metabolism;

Outside sensor simultaneously provides active skin tightening;

After the procedure, the client must remain in the clinic for 1.5-2 hours until complete discharge of anesthesia in order to avoid possible "side effects";

Then allowed to go home and return to daily activities;

The doctor gives advice on rehabilitation period individually.

If you decide to radiofrequency procedureliposuction, be sure to consult with the attending physician about contraindications to it. Do not compromise your own safety in the pursuit of the ideal!

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