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Piercing: transdermal implant as a decoration on the skin

Culture of body art continues to evolve andto surprise their ingenuity and creativity. So, we all remember the crazy fashion of piercing and bulging in all not very places, tattoo eyebrows and tattoo on the body.

Transdermal implant - a new generation of body piercing.

Transdermal implant - a decoration of small sizeintradermal mikroimplantatsii. Roughly speaking - is a flat shackle, which "dipped" slightly under the skin via a small puncture. Transdermal implant can be installed anywhere on the face to the wrist, as well as any other part of the body.

There is a huge variety of transdermal implant - from those that allow you to create an entire composition to a single small earrings with stones.


transdermal implant on the skin

But unlike pirgsinga when installingtransdermal implant is not puncture the skin, and a small incision with a scalpel, and there is some risk that the body will reject the earring as a foreign object.


transdermal implant on the skin

Installing transdermal implant

Installation is painless transdermal implantprocedure. It's pretty simple: initially the master anaesthetises zone, where it will be delivered transdermal implant. One injection of lidocaine - and after 5-7 minutes you will not feel absolutely nothing except movements expert hands around your neck or other parts of the body. No discomfort. For everything takes less than 10 minutes. Master makes a small incision in the skin, in which sets of the earrings. In contrast to the usual earrings, flat edge mirodermala and skived. After that, the expert is screwed to this part of the piece with a stone. By the way, often in the salons offer decorations in different colors and sizes. The whole procedure as a whole resembles a blood from a finger - there is no discomfort. Installing a bloodless transdermal implant.

The Master warns that there are many chances that the decoration does not take root, and may be rejected by the body as a foreign body.

transdermal- implant-2

How to care?

Everyone who decided to install a transdermal implant, masteradvance warning that there are many chances that the decoration does not take root, and reject the body as a foreign body. Therefore, in order not to lose decoration, stands behind him to look carefully. The first - in the morning and evening wash with a disinfectant solution (Chlorhexidine fit). Second place, in which the decoration, in two months is a regular seal the plaster decoration that is in contact with the skin. This minimizes the risk of rejection. Because, of course, the perfect time for such procedures ─ it is winter.

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