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Peeling with sea salt: how to properly apply makeup. Salt scrubs, body butter, honey, lemon, sugar

Useful pleasant procedure required skinbody - peeling. The cosmetic industry offers women body scrubs, but in fact can be of cooking. One of the best skrabiruyuschih bases for domestic use - sea salt.

How useful scrub with sea salt

The task of good scrub - deep clean the skin,removing from the surface of dead skin cells. Using scrubs on the face has long been an essential step in regular care. Similarly, in need of care and body scrub, especially if a woman seeks to get rid of cellulite.


Any scrub consists of soft rolling over the skinbases, which performs the role of a cream, oil or gel, and hard abrasive particles. They play the role of a stiff brush, cleans the pores and exfoliating the top layer of dead skin. As abrasive particles to create formulations used skrabiruyuschih home:

• Coffee;

• Ground peach pits, dried citrus peel or walnut shells;

• sea salt.


Especially good for the body scrub with sea salt. The fact is that in addition to deep cleansing they perfectly revitalizes the skin and are effective in the fight against the "orange peel" - hated any beauty cellulite. At sea salt contains iodine, iron, magnesium, calcium, which have a remarkable firming effect, fill the skin with minerals, tightens and update.

As a result, regular application of sea saltin a home body scrubs the skin becomes smooth, smooth as a baby's, beautiful and elastic. If seriously concerned with the problem of cellulite and work body salt scrub on the problem area, the manifestations of "orange peel" will become less aligned skin, puffiness and leave the excess amount.


The secret is that scrubs with sea salt improvesblood circulation and promote the flow of fluid from the cells, and hence, relieve edema constant - one of the reasons for the formation of cellulite. Not only the skin is smoothed, but also break down and leave the fat depot. In addition, the pores after application of scrub cleaned, and anti-cellulite, moisturizing or nutritional lotions, milks, creams, salves penetrate deeply into the skin. Their action is enhanced by several times.

How to apply the scrub with sea salt

To get the maximum effect from the salt body scrubs, you need to apply them correctly:

• Before using scrub necessarily take a bath or shower to steam out the body;

• The composition is applied to damp skin, massaging her special massage sponge or a palm;

• problem areas, which have the appearance of cellulite (thighs, arms, stomach and so on.), Treated with special care, intensive, but without damaging the skin;

• Be sure to work scrub hands and feet;

• After scraping part rinse thoroughly;

• wet skin and be sure to apply cream or lotion.

The procedure takes not so much time, five or ten minutes, but the effect is stunning. Sea salt has a drying property, so moisturizing the skin after the procedure is necessary.

How often do scrub with sea salt dependson the skin type. If it is dry and normal, that is only two times per month. For oily skin cleansing is needed most: the procedure is better to repeat weekly. If your skin is sensitive, it is necessary to act in the first place, very delicately, avoiding micro traumas, and secondly, do not peeling more than once a month.

If the skin is problematic, there are injuries, skin diseases, damage from salt scrubs is better to refuse to complete cure or restore the integrity of the skin.

In an extreme case in some areas of intact you can try to scrub based on finely ground salt.

What components can be used to scrub with sea salt

To prepare skrabiruyuschy compositionrequire additional components and base oil. Salt can be mixed with soda, sleeping ground coffee, corn grits, fine clean sand, dried herbs, that is, to enhance the mechanical peeling. The skin will clear even more deeply.

As the softening component whichIt will help prevent damage to the skin, use any cosmetic oil base. It not only softens, but also give the skin extra nutrition, hydration. Instead of cosmetic oils can take the food, such as olive oil or flaxseed. But in this case it is necessary to take into account its high fat content. If the skin is dry, then this framework will come in handy.

Which oil can be taken for the preparation of a scrub:

• grape (grape seed);

• Jojoba;

• peach;

• Wheat germ;

• linseed;

• Rape;

• almond;

• peach;

• Sunflower.


In addition, any suitable massage oil,which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If there is an essential oil, fragrance is like, it is also added into the home scrub. Ether will not only make the procedure even more pleasant, but also give the skin an additional improvement.

The best recipes with sea salt scrubs

There are several popular recipes salt scrubs. But but in fact they can come up with on your own - we need only grasp the general principles of drafting skrabiruyuschih compositions.

With olive oil

The easiest recipe salt crab body -a mixture of sea salt and olive oil. It will take 5 to 8 tablespoons of salt and two or three tablespoons of oil. To obtain a mixture, which perfectly cleans deep skin impurities, including sebaceous plugs, reduces inflammation and makes the skin soft and moisturized.

With coffee and lemon

Perfectly cleanses, tones andanti-cellulite properties of different coffee-and-salt scrub with lemon juice. Multi-recipe is exactly what a time that will have to be spent on its preparation. But in fact nothing complicated in this no scrub.

You will need six tablespoons of salt, spoonsleeps coffee from the coffee maker or the Turks, three tablespoons of lemon juice. The composition can be used for the regular treatment of problem areas during active combat cellulite.


Orange peel, essential oils

To prepare scrub the following recipeIt should be dried orange peel or any other citrus fruit. The peel a lot of essential oils that are beneficial effect on the skin, especially with severe cellulite. Composition turns fragrant, give not only a real pleasure, but also the satisfaction of the explicit anti-cellulite effect.

Dried orange peels need to rub inpowder mixed with a glass of sea salt, three tablespoons of cosmetic or massage oil, and add three drops of essential oils of cedar, grapefruit and lemon. The components mix thoroughly and properly treat the skin of the body for 10-15 minutes.

With sand and essential oils

The original hot salt scrub blend of pureriver sand and essential oils - a powerful anti-cellulite agent. It is important that the sand was fine and really clean, so as not to carry infection through microscopic skin damage.

To prepare the composition of the need to pour a hundredgrams of salt and sand in the container tightly closed, drop ten drops cinnamon ether or other (optional), mix well, cover tightly and let stand for one day.

The mixture is heated over the boiling water in the oven or inmicrowave and hot-applied to the skin. Massage movements should be very cautious, and the temperature of the mixture - not scalding high. This scrub should be applied to the cellulite areas of the body, massaging them ten or fifteen minutes.

After the procedure, rinse thoroughly, apply to the skin a soothing balm or crepe. Repeat peeling a week.

With honey

Honey-salt scrubs are not considered accidentalthe most effective, if it is necessary to achieve three objectives simultaneously: the alignment of cellulite skin, detoxification, skin nutrition. Honey combined with salt gives a stunning effect.

To prepare the composition, it is necessary to half a cup of salt to take two tablespoons of honey, and immediately use the mass, causing it to problem areas or treating the whole body.

There are two methods of working the body with the help of the honey-salt scrub. The first option - to do everything, as usual, that is, to distribute the mixture over the skin massaging, rubbing and pressing gently.

The second option is more interesting, it is usedprofessional masseurs during anti-cellulite massages. The weight should be put on the hand, press firmly to the treated area and sharply, quickly tear. The pores are cleansed deeply, the skin becomes extremely soft and smooth.

With sour cream and cream

To pamper yourself, nourish the skin usefulsubstances and cleanse it deeply, you can prepare creamy salt scrub. To do this, the right amount of sea salt (3-4 tablespoons) mixed with three tablespoons of sour cream and a spoon heavy cream. The mass spread over the skin, massaged and rinsed. Especially good this scrub for dry skin.

Who should not use scrubs with sea salt

If your body is a serious problem in the form of acne or pimples, you can not use a scrub. You can damage the skin and cause severe inflammation.

For very sensitive, thin, irritableskin treatment is also contraindicated. Mechanical aggressive influence detrimental for such skin. allowed in this case, sparing scrubs on the basis of oatmeal, but not sea salt.

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