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Nourishing facial mask at home

Any woman, no doubt, wants to look not only attractive, but also young. In our time, this can be achieved by using home masks, which are based on only natural ingredients make up.


  • Properties nourishing masks for the face
  • Nutritious facial mask at home for different skin types

Properties nourishing masks for the face

Today, we know a lot of differentcosmetic procedures that can not only take care of the epidermis, but also feeds his fabrics. Nourishing facial mask at home occupies a leading place among the existing ones. After all, they allow:

  • To enrich the fabric of all valuable components and make it more supple and healthy.
  • Rejuvenate.

Nourishing facial mask at home

Before the procedure, it is first necessary to determine the characteristics of such masks.

Let's start with the first aspect - the time of application.

  • Even on the most useful mixture is of little use if it is applied at the wrong time. Given biorhythms, nourishing facial mask at home is applied during the following hours:
  • The time from eight to ten o'clock in the morning is considered to be the most suitable for the application of masks.
  • Oily skin ideal nutrient application time is the time from 11 to 12 hours.
  • We must remember that home remedies can benot to apply at any time. Not a good time for their application is considered to be between three and six o'clock in the evening. During this period, the epidermis is not able to absorb nutrients.
  • After 11 pm comes, we can say, the peak efficiency masks.

Nutritious facial mask at home for different skin types

When selecting and preparing the nutrient resources,First of all, you need to stop their attention on the type of cover. Dry skin is acceptable to use natural vegetable oils. recommended to use fruits and vegetables to normal skin. curd mixture is perfect for combination skin, with the addition of a variety of berries. Mixtures with honey can be used for absolutely any type.

Nourishing facial mask at home

  • Nourishing facial mask at home for dry skin: a recipe

The dry type is more in need of food. This is due to the rapid aging of the fabric. natural resources at the heart of which vegetable oils are perfectly suited for dry skin. At home, the choice is not limited to oil. Selected oil is heated and applied to the gauze. Dwell time the oil mixture is 20 minutes. After its removal, the person must be wiped with a soft cloth. In addition to the following oil components can be used:

  • Cream or sour cream.
  • Honey.
  • egg yolk.

In order to wash the like can be prepared herbal infusion or use milk. This recipe is good and as a moisturizing mask for the face.

  • Nourishing facial mask at home for oily skin: a recipe

Not every tool is suitable for oilyskin. The peculiarity of the use of funds for this type of skin is thoroughly cleansed preliminary. Nourishing facial mask at home can be prepared from fermented dairy products or fresh vegetable juices. It also can be used as ingredients sour berries: cherries, currants, apples. To remove the nutrient tools used medicinal herbal teas, orange juice.

Good cleans the fat type, nourishes and relievesshine nourishing facial mask at home, made from honey, protein and flour. For the type of fat is recommended to prepare nutritious milk means of yeast. Yeast pre divorced in milk. To get rid of acne is recommended gruel prepared from oats.

  • Nourishing facial mask at home for skin after 50 years: a recipe

After the woman was 50 years old, shethere was a sharp hormonal disorders. For those who are over 50, it is recommended to carry out the manipulation of facials in combination with hormonal therapy.

Nourishing facial mask at home

Effective mass for skin after 50 years shouldapply at least twice a week. Time exposure of nutrients and healing compounds in the face of the order of 20 minutes. You can get rid of wrinkles using this recipe, which includes the following components:

  • Potatoes.
  • Milk.
  • Egg yolk.

Young potatoes previously boiled andkneaded to puree the state. Further, taken in two equal parts and added to the above ingredient yolk. Such a mass of works by holding the heat potatoes.

  • Nourishing facial mask at home for combination skin: recipe

The range of domestic masks for combinationSkin impressive. However, they account for all features of the tissue. Well nourishes combination skin nourishing facial mask at home, made from protein and grated carrots. The mixture was applied to the face and held for 15 minutes.

Nourishing facial mask at home

  • Nourishing facial mask at home for normal skin: a recipe

Oddly enough, even for normal skin provides nutritious gruel.
The mixture with sour cream, or, more simply, sour cream, helps to normalize blood circulation and makes the skin glow. For its preparation will need:

  • Sour cream - a tablespoon.
  • Banana - 1 | part 4.
  • Honey - 1 tsp.

Honey-sour cream mixture with the addition of banana is kept for 15 minutes, then removed with water.

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