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Nontouring - new makeup

Nontouring technique of makeup, whichIt is the antithesis of contouring. The main rule - "less is more", no clear boundaries and shaded areas on the face. Moisturizing, engorged, and illuminated from within the skin - this is what characterizes and is the main objective nontouring.

Nontouring main trend in make-up face

Kim Kardashian said she refuses contouring, and model Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid has already demonstrated itself to this technique becoming standard equipment nontouring for girls around the world.

The main products, which are used to perform this technique - the shimmering primer or primer-window, moisturizing concealer and highlighter.

To perform a makeover in this technique, you need to grab all 3 above product and follow the 3 easy steps.


Nontouring - performing appliances

The first step - the use of a primer thatsuited to your skin type. If it is oily, do not use the product with matte effect. It is better to choose a moisturizing version, in which the composition must be present light-reflecting particles.



The second step - a moisturizing foundation. Your goal - to create a natural shine and glow of the face, in your arsenal should be no heavy and dense substrates. Forget about them. Instead, apply a primer on top of moisturizing concealer light texture. BB cream is the perfect option.


The last step - add shine. Choose highlighter suitable for your tsvetotip: owners of light skin suit one with rozovinkoy and one leather warm hue - highlighter with a gold or bronze midtone. Apply the product to the most prominent areas of your face where the light hits the most: under the eyebrow, on the cheeks, nose and back of a check on the lip.


Finally, apply a thin layer on the face light loose powder. That's all!

As you can see, the technique is very simple, in contrast to the contouring. And it's perfect for summer.

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