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Mustard wraps: make the skin smooth and elastic buttocks!

All who are actively losing weight, exercise,adheres to the rules of healthy eating and wants to have a beautiful smooth hips, tummy tight and firm buttocks, it is useful to know about this effective procedure that helps to make the body and the skin ideal as a wrap with mustard.

This well-known product is used extensively in cooking and folk medicine, it has many useful properties, making it an indispensable tool in the fight with figure flaws.


As "working" mustard?

Wrap with mustard mixtureIt refers to the group "hot" processes. A mixture of mustard has an appreciable warming effect, stimulates the separation of sweat helps rid the body of toxins and excess fluid.

Therefore, when conducting mustard procedurewrap yourself at home be sure to follow the correct drinking regime. In order to secure the procedure was necessary to use a glass of plain water every half an hour before and after the wraps for weight loss with mustard.

Secret wraps for weight loss with the use ofmustard powder lies in the unique properties of this natural product. Getting on the skin, mustard contributes to its heating, increased blood flow and activation of metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue.

In addition, it is an excellent tool forpilling, t. To. The mustard is excellent softens the top layer of cells, allowing it to effectively remove and make the skin more even and smooth. The result of ten regular procedures that must be carried out with a frequency of once every 2-3 days, will be a significant decrease in body size of 2-5 centimeters.

Although mustard - it is quitenatural product, when used allergic reactions, and even burns. So before the first use of mustard is recommended to wrap in a small area of ​​skin to test. If during the procedure you will feel a burning sensation and can not stand it, you must immediately wash the skin with a mixture of cool water.

Such a reaction of the skin does not mean that youcategorically counter anti-cellulite wrap with mustard, perhaps, its concentration was too high for your skin. You can try to add oil to the mixture and reduce the amount of the main ingredient.

Mustard is used not by itself.

Most often in the mix for body wraps in addition to this product are:

  • honey;
  • blue clay;
  • olive oil or flaxseed oil.

In addition to the main ingredients, the mixture will need food film and warm pants.



In order to make the procedure of anti-cellulite wrap with mustard benefited specified the procedures for its implementation must be followed, namely:

  • Before the procedure need to take a warm shower and process space, which will be held on wrap with a scrub;
  • Next, you need to apply the mixture on a clean, dry skin in 1-2 layers;
  • Wrap the treated film and warm place with the help of pants;
  • After that, it is recommended to actively move: do fitness, cleaning the apartment, mobile games with the children, etc .;
  • if the desire to actively move you do not feel you need additional help insulate with blankets and lie down for 20 minutes;
  • after the need to rinse the mixture from the skin and apply the cream.

All the time, will last until the procedure wrap with mustard, regardless of whether you move or lie down under a warm blanket, you must keep track of your feelings.


Like any other procedure, wrap with mustard cellulite has its contraindications. So, wraps are contraindicated in

  • varicose veins,
  • severe hypertension,
  • as well as the presence of cardiovascular, endocrine, gynecological diseases and cancer.

Pregnant and lactating women are notit is recommended to perform any wraps, including mustard. It goes without saying that the presence of contraindications list gets individual intolerance of mustard and a tendency to allergic reactions.

Recipes mixtures

There are many recipes based on mustard forwraps. One of the most popular is the recipe for the mixture to wrap with honey and mustard. To prepare natural honey should be mixed with mustard powder, pre-diluted with water to a thick slurry, taken in equal amounts.

If you do not have liquid honey can be a littlepreheat a thick honey in a water bath. Do not add dry powder directly into the honey, because may form lumps, which, in contact with skin will cause strong irritation. It is also very often used honey-mustard mixture, composed of vinegar put in the amount of 2 tablespoons per 100 ml.

Very popular due to its highefficient use of the mixture for wrapping mustard, blue clay and essential oils. For its preparation you need to mix 2-2,5 st. Spoon the clay and Article 1-1.5. spoon mustard, diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream and homemade introduce 2-3 drops of orange oil. This mixture to wrap with clay and mustard will help to quickly and effectively even out skin relief and get rid of cellulite.

If the skin is prone to irritations recommendeduse a mixture of the following recipe: 150-200 g mustard powder and 250-300 ml olive, peach, or sesame oil. The mixture is thoroughly mixed, applied to problem areas, wrap wrapped up and left there for the next 20 minutes. The mixture is then washed off with warm water and soap. At the end of the procedure applied to the skin moisturizer.

In addition to wraps with honey mustard and excellentgive effect mustard bath. For the procedure need to 250 g of mustard powder to be dissolved beforehand in a small amount of water, and then poured into a bath with warm water. Duration of treatment 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, you need to wipe dry with a towel and lie down for half an hour under a blanket.

When sharply negative feelings procedure should be immediately interrupted. Take care of yourself and your health, and be beautiful!

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