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Mirror nails

Chrome mirror nails were long ago -it experimented with Pink, Blake Lively, designer Gareth Pugh, and, of course, the queen of outrageous Lady GaGa. But the trend really he was after Gigi Hadid appeared with him on the red carpet Met Gala.

Mirror manicure fashion trend

The beauty industry has made great progress,a new trend - a mirror shining powder that can create a perfect silver and amazing optical effect. It is resistant to moisture and solvents, does not come unstuck or crack, and kept on nails for two weeks.


The process of application is more like magic. After manicure nail lacquer-coated gel, usually white or black, to achieve the effect of the molten metal or mirrors. If you want to coat was a shade, you can, of course, choose pink, yellow or any other color. Then, the resulting adhesive layer is applied to the mirror powder, which is the master rubs special sponge, more like a brush for shadows. After the wizard will cause the most common top, fingers wiped solvent which does not harm the gel varnish.


How to combine the mirror manicure with your wardrobe

It goes well with any manicure mirror wardrobe,It looks very nice and completely harmless to the nail, as applied to the dense gel. Steeper just looks gold and silver, but a specific image can be done, for example, red or pink color. It removed the same way as a conventional gel varnish without harming your natural nails.

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