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Methods for removing tattoos

Tattoos made for various reasons. Who wants to stand out, as they say now - individualized, someone so recognized in love "forever", causing the body to her lover's name. In some subcultures tattoo - a distinctive sign and status. Particularly active "decorate" themselves young people aged 16 to 30 years.

But life goes on, age, status, and sometimesworld - changing. And the tattoo becomes a burden. And sometimes it just spreads out and expose the body to blot uncomfortable. Are there ways to remove tattoos?

How to get rid of the boring decoration

How is the tattoo removal? Quite a deep layer of the skin is exposed to chemical or thermal influence, destroyed - literally, and there is a new skin with which a very long time to be handled very carefully.

During the day it is impossible to carry out the procedure, it will take quite a long time. Remove tattoo can at home and beauty salon.

Removing the painting in all conditions stretchedfor months. At home - a long rehabilitation period, laser tattoo removal salon in usloviyah- it a few sessions - from 3 to 7, between which made a month's break. The brighter the color pattern, the deeper it lies in the skin, the harder it is to remove.

Pros removal laser:

  • tattoo removal without scarring;
  • rehabilitation period passes without complications;
  • the surrounding tissue is not injured;
  • the process is almost painless.


  • cost of operation;
  • processing time.

Crucial is the cost - because of it, many prefer to get rid of the pictures at home on their own.

Himself beautician

What methods of tattoo removal offers a "people"?

  • Barbaric: cutting the top layer of skin or burning him with a blowtorch.
  • Chemical: remuverom, iodine, manganese.
  • Physical effects: soap and milk.
  • Almost Salon method: use a special cream.

It is necessary to consider the methods of removing detail.

Barbaric method - only for real men. Gather a group, give someone anesthesia - in an amount not less than a glass of vodka, vodka generously treated them to a tattoo place - and prove to him and myself that a real man.

The rehabilitation period lasting scars andthe process memories remain for life. Sometimes they resort to this method of determined women. Scars then - most of all - the laser helps to clean, and to pay for it will have a significant amount.

The rest of the methods should be considered in detail.

Chemical effects on the skin

Home removal remuverom can spend in theif you have the skills to work with machine for tattooing. If it fill Rejuvi Tattoo Remover, then it becomes a device for removing tattoos. The substance penetrates into the skin, destroying the coloring pigment, and the picture becomes colorless.

Even with deep application takes no more than 2-3 sessions, but the recovery process is very slow. While it is used as ointment aktovegin and other means to deal with burns.

How is the removal of iodine tattoos?

  • Iodine acquired 5%. More than a saturated solution will cause severe burns - less saturated not work;
  • Iodine is applied with a cotton swab only in drawing the contours - twice. It is impossible to completely fill in the picture - a serious burn can leave an ugly scar;
  • No bandages. The treated skin area iodine must be outdoors;
  • Since the first procedure you will notice - the skin peels off. This means - iodine works;
  • treatment session is repeated on a daily basis;
  • To reduce itching, at night on the peeling surface is applied ointment aktovegin.

Even if the skin is shelled intensively, it can not rip off. Otherwise scars are formed. The process of renewal of the epidermis should pass naturally.

Depending on the depth of drawing and its value, the rehabilitation period lasts 2 to 4 weeks. Scars on the skin of the new left.

Removal of manganese is carried out as follows:

  • Dry powder is applied to the entire area where the picture is.
  • Treat the water from the sprinkler to evenly wetting passed.
  • Place, which had been worked, closed 3 hours thick gauze bandage type "wrap" - a layer of gauze, then polyethylene film.

Sessions are held daily until the skin is not will burn completely. For better healing should perform all of the recommendations that were given when you remove iodine.

The physical effects on the skin

Method with soap mainly used in prisons. Planed soap into small pieces, melted over a candle, and dropped them on the tattooed portion.

Because of the soap includedalkali, the skin is a complex effect: thermal and chemical. Injured plot relentlessly vykolupyvaetsya: instead of pictures appears a scar.

Remove image by using milk. They filled in the machine for a tattoo, and is applied to the pattern by piercing the skin. To exclude the general sepsis, use ointment for tattoo removal, mixing with milk streptotsidom.

After 3 days, after falling into the deep layers of the skinmilk rotting process begins. Delaminated portion nekroziruetsya and disappears. After 2 -3 weeks starts scarring. A scar looks worse than the most reckless repulsive picture.

Merchants offer makeup cream for tattoo removal, "does not leave scars on the skin and acting is absolutely painless."

Do not believe such advertising. Tattoo is located in the deep layers of the epidermis, and to get there, without damaging the skin surface, can not no cosmetic.

The cream contains acid or alkali - and therefore painless action should not be expected - or it does not work.

Remove tattoo painlessly using cream possible only when it is the tone or primer. Of course, the picture will not be seen until the vehicle covers the skin.

At a young age it seems to be a long life,strong conviction, love - eternal. But maybe not worth your settings make on display with the help of drawings on the skin? Apply the tattoo easily and to remove the required strength, health, and material costs.

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