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Masks for oily skin

Problem facial skin are not uncommon. And it is not always talking about puberty. Even after 25 years may appear pimples, acne and more. Many such cases are advised to use special masks, especially from the home medicine. Not all women believe newfangled drugs.

Curd Mask for oily skin

One of these masks is based on cottage cheese and yogurt. Curd need one tablespoon, and yogurt - three glasses. They need to mix and apply the resulting mass in the skin, and then rinse with water. Due to inflammation of the mask will be, and the person becomes fresh and enjoyable. Also for problem skin perfectly suitable mask for the face of the sour cream.

Yoghurt mask for oily skin

Next useful and certainly effective mixture: yogurt and the starch. For masks need yogurt, which dyes have a total of three teaspoons. Also need a spoonful of low-fat milk and potato starch. All this is mixed respectively and then smear the skin. The basis of the mask will saturate your skin with moisture and beneficial trace elements and starch removes excess oiliness of the skin.

Cucumber mask for oily skin

Another homemade facial mask consisting ofcucumber and protein, it is known to many. cucumber juice should be fresh, it must be two spoons. It is also necessary to take one protein and beat him. During whipped protein add cucumber juice. Apply the mixture on your face and wash off after half an hour.

Carrot mask for oily skin

Carrots and protein. But this mask is also useful starch and lemon juice. Carrots should be very finely grate. Then finely grated carrots mixed with beaten egg whites, add a teaspoon of starch and a little lemon juice. Apply the mask on the face and can be in the chest area.

Garlic Mask

Garlic ... Unloved many thing, but to protect andIt helps in many diseases. If you have acne, you need only three cloves of garlic, you want to how to grind to a pulp and smear space with acne. But here you need to keep the mask for half an hour, and twice a day.

Skin Care homes face is not so difficultprocedure, only 10-15 minutes daily will allow to remove gaps and make the skin more smooth and beautiful, but the result will remain for many years. Also, to combat acne suitable home facial masks of honey.

One of the best cleansing mask can be called a face mask with activated charcoal.

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