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Mask with lemon facial


  • All the benefits of a mask with lemon facial
  • Popular Recipes home masks for face with lemon

The efficiency of high-quality beauty treatmentsat home using natural masks proven long-term experience of mankind. Nature originally made sure that people have used her rich gifts not only for survival, but also to maintain a beautiful appearance.

For home use of masks flowers and stems of plants, fruits and roots of shrubs and trees, as well as many other stocks, which cherishes a mother - nature.

All the benefits of a mask with lemon facial

Lemon - a magical citrus fruit usedin many recipes home masks for the face. In addition to its main value - vitamin C, this citrus is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B, 9, K. Organic acids, fiber, pectin, carbohydrates, flavonoids and volatile contained in the lemon in large amounts, confer this fruit is not only uniqueness, but also curative in various fields of application. Mask with lemon face can quickly restore flabby and aging skin, for a long time to hide freckles and age spots, efficiently rid the skin of acne and pimples, organically balance the oiliness of the skin. Lemon often causes allergic reactions in women suffering from intolerance to citrus. Also, the limitations to the use of lemon in masks are cuts and scratches on the skin tumor formation. Mask with lemon face will be very useful at a problem, aging, oily and pigmented skin.

face mask with lemon

Popular Recipes home masks for face with lemon

Face mask with lemon and honey is the mostpopular, thanks to its efficiency, saving face from acne. For the production of the means necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, honey and yogurt, added to a mixture of half a dessert spoon of salt. Apply the mask with lemon and honey on the skin with a thick layer, and is removed by rinsing with warm, after a quarter of an hour.

Face mask with lemon and egg StillIt is popular because it has a high regenerating properties. The composition includes a mixture of 1 egg, 10 gr. lemon nectar and 20 c. cream high fat content. After mixing all of the ingredients to keep the vehicle on the face for 15 - 20 minutes. Mask with Face lemon lukewarm purified water, is closer to room temperature.

face mask with lemon

Face mask of sour cream and lemon cooked in2: 1 ratio, where the amount exceeds the amount of sour lemon juice twice. This whitening mask of age spots effectively and permanently healthier skin. The tool is applied to the standard time, application intensity should not exceed 1 per 10 days. The result can be expected after the second application of a face mask of sour cream when the skin gets rid of spots after acne.

Face mask olive oil and lemon - the most effective rejuvenating mask of all. Usually used on the combined type of skin and contains the following ingredients:

  • Lemon juice - 3 ml
  • Olive oil - 5 ml
  • Starch - 15 g.
  • Boiled pumpkin - 50 oz.

Lightly cooked pumpkin is pounded into mush, add to it the rest of the components. Mask is applied on clean skin relaxed about quarter of an hour.

The second option for rejuvenating treatmentscalled "mask with lemon face" includes the same amount of lemon juice and any oil of vegetable origin (preferably olive). Additions are the basic ingredients: egg yolk and salt in the same amount as lemon juice. Egg yolk lightly whipped and mixed with the remaining components.

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