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Mask with gelatin facial wrinkles: the best recipes

Everyone knows that the gelatin has a unique ability to pull the skin. It can prevent skin changes associated with age, so it is a popular face mask with gelatin from wrinkles.

He is able to tighten the skin, preventing thethus the appearance of wrinkles. Even expensive and effective means may be replaced by a mask of gelatin, which is easy to prepare at home. The popularity of home masks for the face due to the simplicity of their preparation, the composition of natural and stunning effect. To achieve good results, you need a good steam face.

The use of face masks with gelatin

Good quality gelatin masks are very goodfor the skin of our face. And all because of all the processes of protein metabolism are beginning to work, because this is getting better amino acid balance. Because of hydrolyzed collagen that is perfectly absorbed by our skin, there is a softening, small wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes taut. All these problems occur after thirty-five years. During this period, suitable face mask with gelatin from wrinkles. As an anti-aging treatments will suit your home and face mask from yeast.

But this does not mean that the gelatine maskare those over thirty. They can be used at any age. They are not only able to prevent wrinkles, but also will remove the pimples, blackheads and other possible inflammation.

face masks with gelatin

Popular recipes masks for face wrinkles with gelatin

Face mask with gelatin from wrinkles, prepared in different ways. There are several popular recipes gelatine mask. Here are some of them:

Gelatine and milk mask for the face and chin

With this recipe, you can get rid ofwrinkles, reduce sagging skin between the neck and chin. To prepare the lifting facial mask at home, take two tablespoons of milk, dilute it in one tablespoon of gelatin. This procedure can be done on a small fire. After that, in a separate bowl whisk one egg should be to form a foam, and pour in the melted gelatin. Then thoroughly mix the necessary and you can start the procedure. To remove the mask should, when it is completely dry, it just need to rinse with warm water.

This is the most common facial mask of wrinkles.

Gelatine mask for aging skin with butter

This mask for the face wrinkles, apply inolder age, when facial skin begins to age. It is necessary to take thirty-five milliliters of water or milk to pour seven grams of gelatin, then leave to swell. After melt the gelatin and add to him seven grams of butter. Stir until the butter has melted. So, you can use a mask. Waiting time mask? Twenty minutes. The mask should be removed with cotton wool soaked in milk, then wash your face with warm water.

Face mask with honey and gelatin


  • Gelatin (14 grams);
  • glycerol (14 grams);
  • Water (70 milliliters);
  • honey (20 grams).

It is necessary to take the glycerin and mix it with warmwater, then in a separate bowl, dissolve the gelatin. This is followed by join glycerin and gelatin and honey - mix well. Mask facial wrinkles is also used for twenty minutes, then wash with warm water. Also, to combat the first wrinkles suitable carrot face mask.

face masks with gelatin

Face mask with gelatin and glycerin

In one dish dissolve 14 grams of gelatin, andconnect another 70 milliliters of water and glycerol (14 grams). Then connect the two structures, stir and pour into a glass jar. This mixture is not enough for a time, so keep container in the refrigerator. Damage mask is removed after twenty minutes of wet cotton wool.

Face mask with gelatine and activated carbon

This face mask with gelatin, will help to remove black dots on his face.

Ingredients: 7 grams of gelatin, one tablet of coal. As usual, the gelatin mix with water. After connect the solution with activated carbon, peretёrtym into powder, and stir. The resulting mush smear problem areas. When the mask with activated charcoal dries, remove one movement.

Face mask of wrinkles with gelatine and banana

Face mask with gelatin, is intended for age, wrinkled skin. This recipe facial mask with banana, it becomes supple and taut.

Take the 7 grams of gelatin and a little fleshRipe bananas. Gelatin to dissolve, as usual, until the mixture is hot, connect it with a banana and mix. After cooling mask is ready. Apply half an hour. When washed off with warm water.

Do not forget to use the masks, leave free the area around the eyes.

Also see the article Masks for the face with Aloe Vera, which by moistening the deep layers of the skin wonderfully clean all fine wrinkles.

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