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Makeup Tips for Black Dress

Black dress - a true timeless classics! With the help of makeup, you can make a freshness and relevance to the image of him! The legendary Coco Chanel's little black dress erected in a cult. And no wonder! This versatile dress suit absolutely any girl!

But if a celebration or a date you choosechoose a little black dress, be sure to thoroughly think over all appearance. Make a black dress is sure to be harmonious and perfect. What makeup palette combined with this classic dress, read our article.

The perfect winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner - one of the most win-winoptions to make a black dress. Whether you choose a modest emphasizing only the upper eyelid or luxury broad arrows, or playful cat - they certainly should approach the shape of your eyes.

Owners of almond-shaped eyes can betry any shape and length of the arrow, and the other girls draw these arrows, which would bring the shape of their eyes to the cherished ideal. Eyed round shaped fit short cruise liner with a small tail, and narrow eyes eastern ideal is a direct wide enough winged eyeliner.


In all cases, before the draw winged eyeliner, always emphasize the black eyeliner mezhresnichnoe space. So lashes will appear thicker and longer.

To make a cruise liner - lipstick should choose low-key color: the color of tea roses, pink and coral, but if you are brave beauty, you can choose a juicy red lipstick.


Makeup with berry lipstick

Berry and wine shades of lipsticks consistentlylead every autumn-winter season. They are very noble and harmoniously look at the background of pale untanned skin and add all manner of mystery and drama. Make a black dress with a wine or berry lipstick get incredibly elegant.

In the case of wine lipstick needs perfect background, that is, smooth skin, even tone without flaws and shortcomings.

The lids are also better not to overload unnecessarymake-up, but with hints of berry you can afford a small variety. Try to use makeup eyelids warm shades of precious metals (gold, bronze). Do not use any sophisticated makeup techniques, apply enough shade for all the mobile eyelid. Natural and will look delicate cream shade applied on the eyelids with your fingers.

Actual receive a make-up - combined with berry lipstick shades like blush. But in this case, only enough mascara.


Makeup with red lipstick

Red lipstick - timeless classics, and will make the perfect pair of black dress! Makeup with red lipstick does not suffer facial imperfections: tone should be perfect! So be sure to work through the skin:

Use primer, if necessary. Base makeup align skin, acne mask the pores, age spots, wrinkles and fill the other hides skin imperfections.

Apply a foundation, precisely coinciding with a touch of your skin, if necessary.

Concealer to mask imperfections: black circles under the eyes, pimples and redness.

Fix the make-up and give the skin a velvety help loose powder

This season, the contour of the lips does not need toclearly defined. In fashion a more natural, therefore, applied lipstick it's best with his fingertips. However, the skin of the lips for a technology application should be smooth and healthy: do not forget about the balsam and regular exfoliation.


Before make-up, apply a balm first, letit soak a little, and act, and then just use lipstick: apply a little in the middle of the lips and fingers gently blend towards the corners. Do you want to make your lips more brighter, apply a second coat pomady.Obyazatelno highlight eyebrow comb them and apply mascara or eye shadow eyebrow.

Make bright eye make-up is not necessary. Carefully dyed eyelashes and thin line of black eyeliner will suffice.

Make-up in style nude

Makeup for black dress in nude style - the perfect option for those who do not want to overly bright colors on her face, but wants to emphasize the dignity of the person.

For make-up in nude style choose natural colors: flesh-colored, beige, pink, shades of brown and ocher.

Lipstick, choose to match your lips: if the skin is light, it is preferable lipstick with pink midtone, if dark, then brown.


With it will look great shade of beige andsand colors (the most win-win is considered a shade "Taup", located between gray and beige tones), blush brown shades (eg, bronze) and black mascara.

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