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Makeup - How to determine your color type

For sure, at least once in your life, you've heard of thisConcept as a "color type". Knowing your color appearance is very important. Firstly, this is important because knowing your color, you can correctly choose the basic colors of your wardrobe. Also it will help to understand, what tone in a make up will approach or suit you.

How to determine your color-type - what color types exist

  1. Spring.
  2. Summer.
  3. Autumn.
  4. Winter.


Let's figure out how to determine which color type your appearance belongs to.


If you have a light skin, which prevailsWarm pink and peach hues, blonde hair, blue, green or light brown eyes, your lips are warm apricot, coral - your color pattern is "spring". When selecting clothes and make-up, you should adhere to warm, fresh tones, for example, peach, warm pink, apricot, golden, cream. Do not choose white and black colors, also avoid any saturated shades.


Color-type - spring


Makeup for color - spring


People of summer color have: Light pink / gray, grayish beige skin, light brown and light ashy hair, gray, light brown and gray-green eyes, and lips of a pale pink hue. To such people any quiet, soft shades will approach. Summer people, like the spring, you need to abandon the black and saturated shades.


Color-type - summer


Autumn color-type distinguishes people fromYellowish-beige skin, sometimes covered with freckles. Such people have red hair, including all of its tones. They are suitable for any autumn shades. But cold violet, green, blue and white shades should be avoided.


Color-type - autumn


Color-type - autumn


Winter type of skin color is divided into "non-contrast" and "contrast."


Color-type - winter

People with white skin are of the contrast type,And people with dark skin - to the non-contrast. Winter types of appearance differ dark brown / blue / green eyes, black or dark hair, lips of light pink or coral hue. The winter type of appearance is suitable for cold, warm pink shades, fuchsia. Do not fit such people rich bright green and yellow tones.


Color-type - winter


Do not forget that before you determine your color, you need to completely wash off the makeup.

It may be that you have a mixed color -Signs of your appearance are right for several color types. This is due to the mixing of blood, nationalities, etc. In this case, you need to determine which color-type prevails in your appearance, and try to adhere to those shades that correspond to it.

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