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Makeup for oily skin - the main principles

Oily skin gives us additional problemswhen applying makeup - he keeps worse, and it is not usually possible to shine, only the first 20 minutes after you nakrasili. It is necessary to powder oneself every half hour ... If all these cons oily skin you know, then read our article - we will tell how to make a quality makeup for oily skin.

Makeup for oily skin - how to make the skin remains fresh

Cleansing the skin before makeup

If we are talking about an important event and you want toget lasting results without the greasy, use a soft scrub brush or a special (eg, Clarisonic) - oily skin should be well-shelled and completely fresh before you take up the brush and start doing makeup.

Moisturizing cream

your oily skin before makeup necessary to carefullymoisturize and nourish, rather than attempting to dry. The fact is that if you start to use lotions for oily skin or salicylic acid, the sebaceous glands start working more actively. Do not hesitate - just one hour after application of the tone means the skin will shine again.


The sebaceous glands, on the other hand, need to appease! Therefore, following the purification step should be the application of the cream. All right for himself the skin absorbs 30-40 seconds, so you can just get wet face cloth to remove residues.


The primer or base for make-up not only ensuresmake-up resistance, but also helps to cope with the problems of oily skin. He always has an additional matting effect, if your skin has redness then choose colored primers, they hide redness on the face.


Now let's see what kind of tonecream suited oily skin. Matting creams typically contain less oil, but are composed of particles of powder. Most often they are of organic origin and does not clog pores. This salvation is for oily skin! If you can not use foundation, choose a mineral powder.

Matting napkins

Dry wipes matting like the thinnesttracing paper - they help to quickly eliminate shine and high quality wet face. Due to its very low density and its absorbent properties, matting napkins good clean excess shine on the skin.


Oil for oily skin

And the last, the most important - advice in this article relates to oily skin. Before going to bed is used for skin oil, it makes the skin well-groomed, removes inflammation, and does not clog pores!


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