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Make-up smoky eyes

Make-up smoky eyes to create aunusually attractive image, emphasizing the beauty of the eyes and hide the little flaws. Many believe that smoky eyes should be carried out in black and gray tones. This approach is obsolete, as do smoky eyes can be in any color. Its features allow you to take into account the color of the eyes, skin type and the specific situation.

Technique eye makeup - smoky eyes

makeup smoky eyes technique is based on thefeathered shadows with smooth transitions of colors. As a result, his eyes shrouded light haze, giving the look of mystery and fascination. With this makeup technique should be the main focus is on the eyes.

Today smoky eyes is acceptable as an eveningand day make-up, although much is determined by the selection of shades of shadows. Evening make-up is done more crowded and dark, and the day - to softer shades.

Yourself to do smoky eyes

Before doing makeup should even out skin color using the equalizer and eliminate its shortcomings. Apply a base on the eyelids, both on top and on the lower eyelid.


Eyeliner. From there begins a makeover. Eyeliner is a cosmetic pencil. It must be remembered that this technique does not allow the use of liquid eyeliner. After all, its main difference - getting strict, precise contour. A make-up smoky eyes contraindicated pronounced line.
In the outer parts of the contour line rises slightly towards the temples and is much thicker than in the inner corners.


Contour carefully shaded. On the contour of the lower eyelid is a thin line, which is also shaded.

Shadow is best to choose shades close, creating a smooth transition after applying the effect. Well, if the colors of shadows combined with a pencil.


Shadows of the darkest shades applied to theupper eyelid with a thick layer on the outer corner to the inner. The most intense shade should be at the outer corner and inner corner of the eye should be a little lighter and softer.


Shadows applied to the lower eyelid from the outer corner of the eye. Moving towards the inner corners, you need to decrease the intensity of the color.


All blend well, while pulling the color at the outer corner of the eye to the temples.

Lighter shades - opaque shades highlightcrease of the upper eyelid, so that there are no clear boundaries and a sharp transition between shades, shade should be 3-4 shades lighter than your base color.

Remember - there are no clear boundaries!

Light shade apply under the eyebrow and slightly brighten the inner corner of the eye.

All border crossings and it is necessary more time to shade.


On the upper and lower lashes mascara should be applied thickly. Especially intensively - in the outer corners of eyes.

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