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Make-up - make-up secrets

Over the years in the beauty industry, and fashion shows make-up artists have gained a lot of experience and knowledge with which they are now sharing with you.

His secrets are divided known make-up artists

1. "Shadow, which are a little shiny look more fresh in his eyes, than matte. As a rule, I first nanoshu matte shade and satin top duplicate the same shade "- Benjamin Pakey - makeup artist.

2. "If you paint over the space between the eyelashes eyeliner with felt tip, it will provide a volume effect and adds expressive eyes. At the same time, no one will notice liner so clearly, as if you had struck her on the upper edge "- Caroline Daly, make-up artist.


3. "It happens that I put five different carcass in a row to achieve the desired effect. I'm starting with separating and then stained with the extension, add the intensity of the volume ... so you can get the result no worse than from the false eyelashes "- Charlotte Tilbury, the star make-up artist.


4. "In order to turn ordinary shade of cream, enough to mix them with a soft lip balm" - Fransel Dali, Nars makeup.

5. "My favorite" anti-aging "reception makeup - Apply highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes and the shade on the lower eyelid. His face instantly looks fresh "- Deanna Melluzo, star makeup artist.

6. "To extend the life of mascara, add to it a few drops of liquid lens" - Kerry Cole, director of style Becca Cosmetics.


1. "My daily care depends on the condition of my skin is at a particular moment. For example, if I woke up a little puffy, I'll start with patches under the eyes, which are stored in the refrigerator, "- Lisa Eldridge, creative director of makeup Lancome.

2. "I always nanoshu foundation to drive in motion. It improves circulation and gives a lifting effect. After that, the person shines "- the star make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury.

3. "I use color correctors quite a bit. For example, in order to neutralize the blue under the eyes, I take an orange or peach color. A correct redness on the face can be a grayish tone means "- Wendy Rowe makeup Burberry.


4. "The easiest way to make your tonal basis is easier (for example, for the summer) - mix it with the day cream" - Caitlin Wouters, make-up artist.

5. "To make the foundation more dense, add to it a little loose powder" - Cecilia Munch, creative director of Inglot.

6. "My signature trick is that in the end I always make a little touch of eyelids and temples with the remains of a brush blush. After that, the image looks like a complete "- Sasha Simler, trainer and makeup artist Shu Uemura.

7. "In effect, radiant skin tone, mix the foundation with gold or pearl shades. Simple reception adds face glow "- Nicolas Dezhen, creative director of Givenchy makeup.



1. "If the first paint konsillerom lips, then apply lipstick, the color will look brighter," - Peter Strand, Swedish make-up artist and author of the brand Pixi.

2. "Test shade lipstick on the fingerpads, and not on the back side of the hand. There's color as close to your natural lip tone "- Kerry Cole, director of style Becca Cosmetics.

3. "Red lips - in themselves as an accessory. So, if I paint lips scarlet, I do not wear bright earrings or necklaces "- Violet, star makeup artist.


4. "I love this trick: put a little red lipstick lips in the center, on top of beige. This is a great way to bring back his lips lively hue, as a neutral beige and brown tones can make the face expressionless, "- Suzy Gerstein, make-up artist.

5. "When just beginning your makeup, put on lip balm nourishing. As long as you apply tonal resources and stained eyes, he absorbed, and smooth moist lips lipstick will stay up straighter, "- Fiona Stiles, makeup artist.

6. "Apply concealer near the lip corners to raise their visual" - Nicky Metz, art director Jouer.


1. "When apply blush, do not smile. Because as soon as you change your face, your cheeks will fall - and with them, and color. And he will be, not where it is necessary, "- Wayne Goss, the famous British make-up artist, the author of the channel on youtube.

2. "Try to apply your favorite cream blush under the foundation. So you will achieve a natural effect of natural glow from within ", - James Vincent, star makeup artist.

3. "In effect, young, fresh blush take not one but two shades of blush. Pink and all shades of red are ideal for the cheeks. In this area, they look the most natural - it is there naturally flows blood. Peach, coral and other orange colors, apply a little higher - on top of the cheekbones. They will create volume. Add a drop of matte bronzer on the protruding points of the face - the back of the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin. As if you lightly tanned "-James Vincent, star makeup artist.


4. If you need to blush lasted all day without pobleknuv, first apply a gel, and the top duplicate powdery "- Peter Strand, Swedish make-up artist and author of the brand Pixi.


1. "Try to sleep applied to the brow moisturizing balm. After two weeks, you will see the result - the hairs become thicker and longer, "- Terry de Gainsbourg, founder of By Terry.

2. "Ideal traced almost retouched makeup eyebrows combined with bright lips look hard. A largely untouched, just brushed up hair - is another matter. The last image of a young and refreshing "- Kate Lee, the makeup artist.


3. "When the Apply primer to the age, and do not forget about the eyebrows - as a pencil or shadows will hold better," - Nicky Metz, art director Jouer.

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